Let’s see for one more day. Okay?

I awoke today far more positive in energy despite my nagging pressure headache. Nothing in my situation has changed in either direction. This can be good because it hasn’t decided to veer left for the bad!

As a person learning the ropes I fail to provide the right ability to inspire like other bloggers who are truly blessed to do. This can be something that could lead me to covet. Is that right word covet, to want something that belongs tp another and you are jealous by it?
Well whatever its called it is one that I need to work against to keep it from happening.

My reading has progressed to Genesis 5 sure some where in it is interesting. I only crossed into it so far the lineage is dry reading. So I will dig up another praise elsewhere in the Book.

This is coming from The Book actual name published through Tyndale written in normal language don’t know the term but here it is from Isaiah 41:1-4

God will help Israel

Listen in silence before me, O lands beyond the sea. Bring your strongest arguments. Come now and speak. The court is ready for your case.

Who has stirred up this one from the east, whom victory meets at every step? Who indeed, but the Lord?

God has given him victory over many nations and permitted him to trample kings underfoot and to put entire armies to the sword.

He chases them away and goes on safely, though the paths he treads are new.

Who has done such mighty deed, directing the affairs of generations of mankind as they march?

It is I the LORD, the First and the Last; I alone am he.


2 thoughts on “Let’s see for one more day. Okay?

  1. i had my blog for over a year and almost gave up on it until a few weeks ago. i then started visiting other blogs and liking and commenting on posts i was interested in and it increased my traffic, i’m sure it will work for you too.

    • Thank you very much, your blogs are good reads and its a good thing you stuck it, I’m sure mamy find encouragement as well as I have. I’m lagging in coments because of having my grandbaby more tham not. Which by the way your response to my situation cracked me up especially when it was more me in the tamtrum department….lol

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