For Her and for Our Leader of the Path

I sit here in my room concerned about a future, from where I am without work, a solid sense of purpose, lacking my own car (hate to speak about how I have managed to be driving the one that is currently parked in my driveway) and it is the world that I am the most worried about. While I know that there is not one thing I can do to alter these things that I see flash before my eyes every time  I turn on the internet.  It would be on the TV too if I could afford cable but since I am not it’s only on my computer. The only outlet I have to the outside.

Friends I do have, good ones they are busy as I was when I worked and they do live far from my home but we have lengthy phone calls and texting so I am not alone and the grand baby that is a real blessing outside taxing on my menopause. She’s a good little girl especially after raising boys who were active, it’s the menopause that is an issue that and lacking funds for the cost of the child. But my ears pick  up on the stories so much more so than before and feels it is her that causes the distress.

Before taking this leap of faith I was liberal in my thoughts but even in my liberalism never expected what I see today. Yes I still believe each person is deserving of respect and equal freedoms but even as I believe this didn’t want it shoved down throats and it seems that there is a lacking of respect on both sides of the table. Yes I hate pornography always have but you have to admit you have to protect it in order to protect  your own rights. But does that mean I have to support it? NO!

So as far as I am concerned I may have to protect the rights of others that does not mean I will support it either. Why am I talking about this? It’s all over the media, the articles complaining about our weight and the laws they are trying to put in place to punish those who do not live up to that standard, the stuff that goes on in the bedroom between two people being thrown out onto the computer for our young children’s eyes to see and in the school books, the constant flooding of reality TV that our kids are watching giving them false ideas on how they should live, article after article of stars private lives.

Why should we care if Tom Cruise is getting a divorce? Is he any better than anyone else? No I don’t think so, as a matter of fact with my bad shoes wouldn’t trade them for his.

We all makes bad decisions, we all do things that tests the Lord’s grace and that is the point. How long will it take before he’s had enough?

If a lot of people out there have had enough like me which is brought me to this place where I am stumbling all over the path I’m  on,  could only hope other’s will also find this route because what is out there is truly unhealthy. So in my reading which is at the flood my study guide sent me to this Psalm 25, it is again from the “The Book” by Tyndale

Psalm 25:8-14

The Lord is good and glad to teach the proper path to all who go astray; he will teach the ways that are right and best to those who humbly turn to him. And when we obey him, every path he guides us on is fragrant with his loving kindness and his truth.

But lord, my sins! How many they are. Oh pardon them for the honor of your name.

Where is the man who fears the Lord? God will teach him how to choose the best.

He shall live within God’s circle of blessing, and his children shall inherit the earth.

Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence him. With them alone he shares the secrets of his promises.

At least we know God is God and He remains the same no matter what we think or do!







2 thoughts on “For Her and for Our Leader of the Path

  1. we have a Grandparents As Parents group in this area to provide member support and encouragement, is there a similar group in your area? your granddaughter is cute by the way:)

    • You know you are so insightful once again! Thank you and I will seek it out and by the way now that I am on an actual computer where I can see what I type(so sorry about the typos in previous comments) each and every story you have told has not only been good for reading but encouraging, thought provoking and makes one not feel so alone in misunderstanding in what always appears to me as everyone else gets it “Why not me?” This maybe my next posting tomorrow!…lol

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