I Want to Hug Him

Don’t you just love it when a child says something so innocent?

We walk a path on the Big Morongo Preserve most days. The pics used on this site come from this sanctuary in the desert. We usually go in the heat of the day 3 or 4ish. It’s quiet, cool or cooler and they have signs posted to hang on to your child then a picture of a mountain lion drawn below the warning, I figure if it’s too hot for humans it’s too hot for them!

If I hadn’t seen the mountain lion leap across a 4 lane highway by leaps less than 8 miles away wouldn’t be so concerned but I did more than once. Believe he was as big as the lions I saw roaming the Serengeti.

This oasis is bird paradise where my grand baby loves to visit. In the morning is the time for bird watching, seen people who travel from all over dragging very expensive and huge cameras. It draws me to want to learn more about the birds. My 2 yr old is actually learning to listen to their tweets and is quiet herself as she hunts for the lizards and the fleeting glances at the rare butterfly. These are only rare because of the time of day but by 3 we’re both bored to tears so we go.

Today the darling response was for a dragonfly. It was the size of my fist and the color of rust. He sat on a branch after flying passed us, allowing Riley to view him up close. He was as cute as the cartoons, if I didn’t know better could see his smile. That was when she held out both arms and said “I want a hug him” so did I, instead she settled for telling Mr. Dragonfly she will see him tomorrow.

Somewhere I could imagine in the Garden of Eden before the fall Eve could hug her butterflies. Can’t get mad because I have sinned also which leads me to believe I would have made the same stupid mistake. If not them would have been me. It tragic to realize as I walk silently teaching my grand child to enjoy the calm of the smaller moments how incredible our Lord made this earth, yet I have used it as a litter box, in my speech, my thoughts and afraid desires. These blunders have not even escaped by Riley’s ears, sorry to say.

There was a time when I not only did not choose to use these 4 letters words they were not even in my thought, it could have been the Catholic upbringing or not but a long the line it changed. Think it was when I felt it would buy me more freedom but I didn’t start at that moment. All I can recall is when all 3 of my sons hit their teens my language became what it is today. Please do not get me wrong, it was by my own choosing that this happened, though I still tell them it was all their fault, they drove me to the ends of the earth with their stubborn wills. A trait that was actually requested they would have,  never considering the backlash it would cause me.

So I will take my leave wondering what it must have been like for them to be in such a glorious place then lose it, the pain they had to have felt that lingers to this very day. But as remorseful as it sounds I can still catch a glimpse through the eyes of a 2  old at the preserve.

Ephesians 1:3-4 from the ESV Bible

Blessed be the God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him.

P.S. One day we can hug Him who is blameless, for now will settle for Riley’s tiny arms around my neck.

Lost Lamb

* I could have taken this picture if only I had remembered the camera!

Dragonfly by true-wildlife.blogspot.com


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