Seeds of the Bloggers Are Gifts

This morning I was moved in spirit and had nothing to do with my situation at home as a matter of fact it was and is being tested fully. A two year old being very much two years old should be enough but there were other situations surrounding it but it’s not important. How I react to it is what is important and I can decide to hand it over to the Lord or hang on and make not only myself miserable and those around me but it would be a sin do so also.

Now I have always know it was me to work out how I deal with it but it was a kindly reminder of a blogger who gave me the instructions on how to be rid of it and then  came by way of another blogger who I rejoiced in finding out she  received an award for inspiration. Now I didn’t know and still have no  idea on how to do this and if I did would have had offered her my nomination because she has inspired me to stay on after reading so many brilliantly amazingly creatively written blogs sites.

I have loved every single story that has been offered. All of them! Everyone who comes have a heart that can be felt through their words and so many are good at it with their  incredible photographs, recipes, quirky stories that can make me laugh that I long to come join daily as I sit down after Riley naps or is tucked into bed for the night.

Blogging is new,  less than a month and it has become addictive, saw a headline asking if blogging was addictive. Was on my Nook outside as the baby played on her swing, it’s always too short and never made it back and will go seek it out because I think it’s true.

Addictions can be destructive in truth most are and some help form good habits and that is what I feel here, in so many taking the time and offering guidance on learning my path towards the Lord. Then there is the one who had me laughing and also instilled within me to find out if the artist – buried deep from having left it dormant for more than twenty years and she did this just by telling her story of a person who drives her nuts. People have come into my life that did just that, it could have been any one of them and at the time I did not chuckle until it was her taking the time to express it in her gifted story telling and pictures that did it.

Since the day I had begun this path of learning the path towards the Lord I have question acceptance, in asking because it was never achieved, never through friends or even family members but here while I am inadequate in skill have felt welcomed and encouraged to stay. This actually brings a great deal of peace to me and look forward to more from each bloggers their stories of the places they’ve seen, the challenges of life and how they deal with it  because they are gifts hidden in the seeds.

While I know the blogger has given me gifts of encouragement it would be lacking to not give praise for the one who sent me here in the first place and it is through Him I will find the true peace.

 Psalm 18:1-2

I love you, O Lord, my strength.

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,my God,

my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation,

my stronghold.

Congratulation go to  There are more that need to be mentioned in here but afraid of leaving someone out but you know who you are and in yalandarose award was able to find more that I will be visiting quite often with.


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