I’m Stuck with Noah the Odd Couple

Having trouble with my usual bit that comes from aging. At these times would like to give it between the eyes to Eve for bringing this downfall on me, then I would have to kick myself because of me being me. So this picture here is me today and it’s not pretty.

Those clouds look great big puffy things that are trapping my desert community with humidity that is making hot flashes go crazy. Such bad timing mind you, cold days or even hot days because I don’t know if its me or the outdoors but when its cloudy I know all the sweating going on is coming from me! I feel like a used towel at the bottom of a pile in the gym room, stinky (yes I bathe today) and soggy.

Have trouble in reading it came to me if  I were to write it down, maybe hitting a key will hammer the lesson into my  head, been on Noah for too long. Me and Noah not that we can be compared which makes it an odd couple. He actually took action unlike me trimbles at any notion of taking action.

Though it’s a stretch in finding the right magic word that inspires other people from behaving in the manner in which they do, i.e. my sons, hasn’t been accomplished by me.

My lead for me on the photo blog yesterday, was by the paster  talking about how we’re to pray first of course but go out and catch others so that they may find Christ.

Me go out and lead others to Christ?

Haven’t been successful yet in getting one of my three sons to do the dishes and get them to believe in Jesus?

Sure all things are possible through Hin just haven’t  seen it coming through my hands, in others yes. Most of them are great talkers and very clever. Me the kid if there were a crack in the ground would disappear into it. I’d dig my way to China to avoid answering questions publicly and in church trust me no one even knows I’m there. They know Riley because she thank God is not shy.

With all my insecurites I tredge on and into the discussion on Noah and his family placed into an ark with the animals. The Lord actually does the closing of the door that has got to be gargantuan to keep them inside safe and the others outside to be destroyed. Here it is stated in:

Genesis 7:16

“And they went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God commanded him; and the Lord shut him in.”

I get it here and could actually understand why this move had to be made. I’ve had to remove plants that were weak in order for stronger ones to continue establising their roots the foundations against the storms that blow through their lives which is what makes them healthy. I’ve failed before in doing this and they all ended up sick eventually dying.

The ones outside were partying having a great time, never believing a word that Noah had said about redemption so they perished and now that the ark has settled into the dry land they are to multiply again and that is for me to bring more into the ark before this happens again and from what is gathered and I say gather because  I have remained in Chapter 8 of Genesis attached to Noah, you can imagine I haven’t read Revelations yet but in listening this is the place where those poor souls will be destroyed.

Don’t know if I’m stuck to Noah because it frightens that I am to save another soul when I fail to control my own hormonal issues long enough to connect  or memorize a passage. Or that it’s painful that if I do not reach my sons in time they too could be lost. And  you know people are going to suffer, like a prolonged cancer rotting away their bodies so cruelly that death by firing squad would be more humane. Now I do not know if my feelings are because of my issues or if its me just plain do not “feel” saved.

To be more honest I am plugging away at this just in hopes one day it feels right, even when I feel this lousy. May not make sense but that is the truth, I’m kind of the fate crasher at the private party., but the one thing I do know is my act has to get together and some of you are so much brighter and clever that you may see and feel what I am searching for just need a little guidance, Well that won’t come by me but here in my study guide references in using their words from a KJBible –  Luke 17:26-27 which sounds just like today, maybe it will redirect you.

” And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark and the flood came and destroyed them all”

So if this sounds like you and do hope that some of you do decide to follow the link on my blog yesterday because otherwise it might be too late.

Lost Lamb


2 thoughts on “I’m Stuck with Noah the Odd Couple

  1. Something you said caught my eye you mentioned” Me go out and lead others to Christ?

    Haven’t been successful yet in getting one of my three sons to do the dishes and get them to believe in Jesus? It takes time to witness to people for instance all you do is tell people what Jesus has done for you in conversation and though they might reject what you said the seed was planted. Let me share a story with you if I may..one of my neighbors asked me a month ago she said where is it that you go because I always see you leaving out on Thursday and you come back the same time, I told her I teach bible study in the local park. I asked her was she saved she said yes, but in my spirit I felt she probably didn’t know what it meant so I asked her if she was to die right now where would her spirit go and she did not know. From there I witness everytime I saw her I gave her a bible for free, and each time she kept telling me she would come to church with me to bible study I do in the park, because she grew up in the Catholic faith and did not have much teaching on Christianity. And so anyway needless to say this woman never came all she did was tell me yes she was coming but I never gave up. I prayed for her family and than one Sunday when me and my husband was getting out of the car I went over and talked to her. All I said was how are you doing and she broke down you could tell she has been crying and from that moment I said you need Jesus in your life, and she asked me how does she invite Him in..we said the prayer together and than I prayed for her and when I stopped praying she said “Desi it feels like goose bumps over me and I said honey no goose bumps that is the Holy Spirit. And that day she was a born again child of God and I rejoiced with her. Now when I see her she is smiling doing much better she doesn’t look like hope is not in her life anymore for she now has Jesus… so you keep talking your children are listening always remember God does the increase, and you never know Jesus just might have someone else to witness to them and they accept the invitation all because you have planted that seed.

    God bless you and have a bless day…AMEN

    • Thank you for the encouraging words, I tend to panic all too soon. The thing is I knew it would take time and once I get good footing my sons may inquire what the difference in me is all about. They are very caring boys (men actually) they go out of their way to help others but they are stubborn (have no idea where this came from…lol) rarely listen to my instructions unless it’s about not making a mess that others would have to clean up after. This stuck while the rest was never heard, I’m sure one day when I am comfortable in my new clothes will speak to others about Jesus Christ. Really liked your story, gives me an idea on where to begin once I’m ready.

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