Through the eye of a cup of tea

While some are into the the good old joe I prefer my tea, plain with a hint of honey and picky about my cup that it will reside in as I wake for the another day and listening to music whether it be in the car when I was a worker now unemployed it rest beside me at my desk as I hunt for another job.

Now at the moment the attention is to the Hurt and their song of “Wars” as they speak of showing a smile on your silly face, “Cause I ‘m getting tired of this human race my darling. I sip my standard black poke tea laced with a mere half teaspoon of raspberry honey. The song has ended but not their haunting lyrics.

Already an echo was coming from the internet flashing pictures and headlines for the day,  pictures of an athlete in trouble trying to be better when he was great already, a teen all of fourteen has plastic surgery because of being bullied. Why would a fourteen year old need this? Maybe it’s the next pic of a woman proclaiming she is baring her belly after not so long ago of having a baby. I did stay in shape after each of my three kids and could have done that but why? Does a flat belly mean you are a better person?

My cup of tea sees and asked what is wrong with this place? Are these headlines this way because they sell or are they actually showing our insecurities? My cup poured more down my gullet, the honey was sweet my cup saw sour news, recalling how many of our most precious actresses and actors throughout history being way less than perfect. The honey rose up to my buds describing it was the effect of the person that made us desire to watch them.

My cup of tea came back from my lips as I returning to Monster Magnets song “Heads Explode” saying he’s a pillar of salt, it wasn’t the song exploding in my head, rocking it yes! Explode no it’s the problem of the that sip of tea serenity that leaves my taste buds. A masculine voice of Cinder brings me back and another sip of  tea leaves brewed to two-thirds strength. a habit from the pregnancy years and unwilling to give up the tea. It was hard enough almost an withdrawal from Coca Cola, so I made my teas very weak more like colored water. The tea is stronger not by a whole lot.

It was bottoms up on Danzig that bleed into Dark New Days “Evergreen”  The acoustic beginning made up for my cup being done, the vocalist floated with the guitars strings “praying you will find” and I don’t know what I will find. My lingering tea reminds me of Randy Travis mug shot stung  not only the internet but made it to my Facebook, I am not a fan of country music and in most cases would prefer anything else over listening to that like now it’s Stabbing Westwards. Oh my how I love that song ‘Shame”!

Randy’s face said so much, had actually seen his few movies most of which were Christian ones and I wanted no part of it but as much as I hate country was mesmerized my his voice, deeply compelling and would have to guess by the nature of those films very much a Christian and look at how he has fallen – two arrests in just this year?

My blog is about learning the path towards the Lord – the other day did feel the hand of the Lord on me and ever since my shoulder feels alone, as alone as my empty cup. I am to give the Lord my whole heart to repair. How do you hand over your heart? This body is kind of using it at the moment, blood is being pumped through it filling all my veins with more nutrients and oxygen. Trouble is all around me and its to go to the Lord but it’s my cell that they call, their collection letters hit my mail box.

My biggest concerns is that this blog should be handed over to a Christian who can instruct others along the paths of our Lord. It could be easily done my name is no where on it.

Well for now I am going to leave for Drowning Pools “Step it Up” If you want to step up you’re going to get knocked down… When I hear these songs with the rockin’ kick a** beats I come back to not feeling so bad nor alone even when my cup is barren.

I know my problems are having the devil whispering in my ear and no I do not believe it’s the music either because it always brings me hope by providing an escape or a venue to vent, sometimes a good screaming out in the open releases the built up pressure music is a lot more convenient and  in the end and it comes around to the Lord. If I knew what passage to place here I do not know what would be fitting so I will ring off as I listen in on Metallica’s “One” won’t even bother giving a taster of the lyrics we all know how finicky they can be!

Hebrews 13:8ESV / 52 helpful votes

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”


**Song Words by Artist / Band : HURT
Lyrics Title :
Available on Album : Goodbye To The Machine
: January 12, 2009

Monster Magnets: Heads Explode

© Universal Music Publishing Group Songwriters: WYNDORF, DAVID

Drowning Pools Step It Up

© Universal Music Publishing Group, Chrysalis One Music

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