Da*#n that monkey is heavy, The Interview

“So Bubba can you explain to your audience how you came about this vocation”

Bubba reclined in his seat, brought a muscular leg across to rest on an equally muscular knee of the other, plucking an unseen lint from his hairy coat flicked it and smiled in saying” Well ma’am I just fell into this”

The surroundings for the interview were casual, Bubba in his favorite jean shorts that had pockets big enough for his fist to get into at the sides and collared polo shirt in also his favorite color tomato red. A banana smoothie was making watery rings on the impromptu end table beside a foldable chair the television company had provided.

His interviewer in a linen dress hair cropped and smooth professionally and make up had been applied by the make-up artist and she was sitting back sipping her paper cup coffee laden with non-fat milk, asked” Interesting so you just fell into this prestigious career. Now how does one become a monkey on a the back”

“ Well I hate to be called a monkey I find that very offensive but then I understand it’s part of the slang got a monkey on my back but what I am is in deed a silverback gorilla” barring his teeth with a mocking smirk.

“Bubba I am terribly sorry, did get the jargon monkey on my back imbedded in my brain cells so I do apologize please go on” worried that Bubba was more upset that he was letting on. Her hand quivered in picking up the coffee, to seem as relaxed as before.

Bubba grinned saw the slight tremor, knew he had the control and picked up that sweaty plastic cup of banana smoothie slurping loudly, swallowing in gulps. The interviewer felt moisture making a ring around the back of her back where the ends of her short-cropped hair sat, smiles back going to proceed as she has done with other difficult interviews.

“At what age did you fall into this?”

His cup was crumbled in his fist toss carelessly onto the end table saw that the next one was already placed down by a staff member “I was just a month old when I was adopted, so in a since I was forced into this job of being a controller”

Edging forward in her seat, she held the microphone out when she asked, “A controller?”

“Yes that is what I am a human controller”

“In what ways do you “a harsh mouthful went down “control humans”

“Jane, may I call you Jane?” Smiling his legs went straight out in front of him, easing up on his mannerisms.

“Of course Bubba we can be on first name basis”

“Well Jane shouldn’t really being telling you how because once I do I would be out of a job and you know with the way things are really need this to keep running at least until I reach my pension” his feet crossed he again grinned with confidence.

“Let me understand this that if you tell me how your career works you will be shut down for any future jobs?”

Bubba roared and hee hawed leaping out of canvassed seating, brutish arms slapping tough hairy legs, he settled down picked up the chair flopped back down in it “I sure got you didn’t I? Oh God I love a good row but hell no, I’m set for life in my position after your big corporations are long gone my position will still be rock solid”

She had seen this before inside was unsettled but her outward appearance wouldn’t let on, her mouth opened up for the next question “Back to you when you were taken as a baby and now you seem quite content in this line of work and very sure you have got a firm future when most of America is nervous some even down right depressed, and I would have to say the rest of the world feels this way so it’s not limited to just here”

“You just proved my point that is my job”

“Am I, understanding this you want us in anxiety?”

“Me personally no but that is the job my person has given me to do, they call on me all the time and when they do I leap on their back and hop up and down until I am dead exhausted”

“ Why would a person want you to do that?”

Another chuckle sneaked out “Hey my human thought I was the cutest damn thing they had ever seen when I was just an infant and they coddled me, wrapped me up like a real human baby feeding me formula, they didn’t allow my feet to rarely touch the ground, gave in to every cry until I became this – what I am now and when I am around others of my kind they tell me they started the same way”

“If you could take back your life from the very beginning would you still venture into your line of work?”

“No you think I want to be around humans? No they freak out over everything, I am the one that is a nervous wreck because of their high demands, no I would have rather lived back in my home with a picket fence in the jungle, raise a family and live a rather quiet peaceful life that has real meaning to it. But since I can’t I must keep doing what I do best”

“And that is?”

“Control the human keep them on their toes, giving them sleepless nights worrying over their stupid shi—poop”

“Just for argument sake how can a human put you in the unemployment lines?”

Banana smoothie went to his lips, Bubba poured it down until brain freeze knocked on his forehead, his fist rubbed it as he hopped up and down in his seat, then rocked. A huge swig of air was pushed down into his chest calmly said “ One reason why I am settled is that they have to change their thinking, this takes a long process and they need help, the one that gives me grief is Jesus Christ because once the person takes him into their heart he works on them”

“The son of God Jesus Christ makes you concerned” Jane said with a lopsided grin.

“Yes and no, see I have been through five employers since my childhood, some left me behind when they took up other ideology, now some have taken back their controller but I was placed before they could have me personally back but only one made it without taking up another but that person understood time and patience in letting Jesus work”

“Not all who go with Jesus make it”

“No a lot fall by the way side, some come back but much later in life”

“For the person who did make it – what was different?”

“Can’t say a lot of it happened once they got rid of me, but in the beginning they were slower on asking for my services, soon I was sitting at the kitchen table not on their back then they moved me in another room away from them and before I knew it was back in the yard sharing the dog house with Rover then the final boot came. Me saw the writing on the wall and went to the agency and had them looking for another placement and that didn’t take as long as I thought, didn’t even miss a days work”

“Bubba it has been good talking with you and have so many more questions but we are completely out of time as a matter of fact used more than I should have but now I know how to get rid of the monkey I have residing on my own house so I again thank you”

An odd look went over Bubba’s face “You have a monkey at home – you don’t keep it with you?”

“No, no my job doesn’t allow for me to bring family members and I did just recently adopted my chimp, he’s just six months old. Let me ask this – how did your owners get a hold of Jesus Christ”

“You realize your asking a gorilla? Got me try going to a church I remembered being carried into those chapels many times and I saw a whole lot of humans without their controllers hovering on their backs”

“Well have a good day Bubba” she turned to the camera man “that’s a wrap lets grab lunch”

“Jane before you go I have a quick question” Bubba said getting up out of seat taking the left over banana smoothie with him.

“Of course what do you need to know?”

“Are you sure you have a chimp? My owners thought they were getting a little monkey not realizing that I would turn into this? “

“ Not going to keep Junior around long enough to find out, going to release him to the animal control with a request that this precious being can be placed back into the jungle where he belongs, my back is no place to keep a monkey”


I’ve come to realize that as a lost lamb that there are no quick fixes, things take time, while I have known that my patience was lacking my desire to be a better Christian immediately was and is not possible, the pressure building was only creating pain, what is needed from me is to be more forgiving of myself, others also but loosen up on the rope and just plain let go and just do wha tI can do in allowing a relationship to become just that a relationship.

Yes I need to know my Bible, not a person who learns by reading alone and I need to be okay with it, there must be ways of learning, never read a book about my friends, I listened, took time talking and that is what I will do. Go to my preserve for walks listening and talking with Jesus, will read without pressure, listen to the pastors speak and in time when more comfortable in my new shoes take up Bible studies.

I need to let go of control, getting upset when things are not what I expect and in time Jesus will help me in this process. Before didn’t understand that His yoke was easy, it was so hard and heavy for me, so much to give up – its doesn’t have to be given up overnight, I do not have a drinking, drug problem sure my rock music may not be the best choice but it suits me and it’s not the music its me my fears, worries that are the crippling forces.

Matthew 23:4

“They tie up heavy burdens hard to ear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their fingers”

Matthew 11:28

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest, Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for  I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”

Lost Lamb

 photo: http://www.treklens.com

Bible verses ESV Bible








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