The Companions

Sitting side by side on a Sunday afternoon, hot sultry breath of wind was barreling down on us. It was too much for a dove in the nearby desert willow tree chirping complaints from the branches. Though I had sweat pouring down my back and making puddles around my neck, it was okay. To cool me off I had brought out with me a stout glass of iced tea that had been heaped in frozen cubes but had within moments floating caps in my drink. It has been rather cool for a couple of weeks until this past week when summer returned in full force and hitting the magic number that brought out the birds complaints and my beads of perspirations.

Winds wrestled in the leaves and we were rocking in my redwood settee built for two, a companion sat on my lap watching drifting puffs of cloud formations. My companion’s gingered hair was tied up to keep creamy skin on her neck cool. Naturals curls moved in one rolling ocean’s wave pulling into a  spool that my hand could not stop from touching. So soft  with the smell of a child’s innocence. Next to her was a companion of her own, an old dog whose caramel brindle coat was showing her age, especially around the mouth and the heat was taking a toll on this buddy of the child’s, spread out on the balance of the seating on the rocker.

A gentle soul this fury friend, caring for a child who doesn’t know her own strength but the dog has been through worst many years ago. Chloe is a beautiful name, the wearer of this name is not so pretty to look at. Exactly what her breed is, is anybody’s guess. Most see a bit of pit in her and she is as strong as a horse for such a gentle dog, who would rather be next to you than anywhere else in the world and she loves to be right beside this child, in bed, at her feet or lay next to the tub as she bathes.

There are a lot of good dogs but a dog like this doesn’t come along everyday and I came into her because some other person had tossed her out of a moving vehicle but not before shooting her in the head with a BB gun. I think that is why Chloe is so good she knows just how bad it can be out there.

I can get frustrated when I hear that people are not naturally good then you see the news and hear the stories of others there must be something to it. Some will say that we have more compassion for animals than people, hard to say because all I know is that anyone who hurts animals will hurt a person whether it be a child or an adult.

Proverbs 18:24

“There are “friends”who destroy each other, but real friends sticks closer than brothers”

Deuteronomy 31:8
The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. (NIV)

Proverbs 18:24 New living translations link:

Deuteronomy 31:8 link:


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