Ready Set…Go!

Luke 1:10
And when the time for the burning of incense came, all the assembled worshipers were praying outside.(NIV)

When a blind man can see that the world is in trouble it’s time to come stand together in prayer…

In learning this morning  was listening to Jack Graham when it kind of gave me the title and it has taken the entire day to do this post. Believe me it took a whole lot of prayer in order to complete, I began at 9 am Monday it’s now 112:56 am Tuesday and the miracle is that it’s being finished because it was my computer that crashed.

Before my computer crisis, there was a conversational process about why I needed to solidify importance of a prayer life. I felt that my inner voicing were discussions, a type of prayer where I spoke of needs, ideas,  some were complaints about  going through menopause. It’s a picnic where all your belonging are crawling with red ants, stinging the living s*#! out of you and eating up your food. At any rate  I consider all of these private conversations with the Lord.

Problem is I don’t address him  like I would a friend, I need to use more caution in this area of my life.  (way more!) For the past week or more had a lot of turmoil and during yesterday came to grips that what  is still a struggle is all a part of the peeling away of the past.  It is the five stages of grief that one goes through when they lose a loved one. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression then acceptance. ( wonder if maybe I’m in the bargaining stage? hum…)

You know it is a death, just not someone else it’s me that must die from the old ways. Whether I  think  I love myself or not, doesn’t matter – what I know is all I have and then to have to get rid of it is not that easy. Jesus said in Matthew 5:29 “So if your eye -even if it is your best eye! – causes you to lust, gouge it out and throw it away. Better for part of you to be destroyed than for all of you to be cast into hell”

Don’t know about you but there is no way I will do that in speaking of being literal. I want all my body parts exactly where they are. For the sake of some fun and were given an opportunity in la la land to ask the Creator , this would be my request, “Taller please, maybe a bit more hair this time and oh yea let’s try pretty for a change, troll look is so passe’…” Only in cartoons can that happen so I am stuck with this sad body so I want it all in one piece without any more moderations please, bad enough to be going through the change of life.

Why I couldn’t have found a better time in my life for anymore changes. You think? Dang it see I rarely, get things done the right way.

Prior to starting my posting had phoned my mother, today’s her birthday and for a gift was in the hospital. Disturbing hearing her muddled pain from injuring her back.

She is alone in Phoenix and I am here more than 5 hours away unable to make the drive, car cannot make that trip especially with the heat besides there is not a dollar to my name, fortunately her husband in Virginia working though they are in their 70’s both of them, will be home tonight.  This is a sad situation for America, the economy is pitiful and then the cost of health care through the roof that he works so that they can have health insurance! Why and how can insurance companies charge what thousand dollars or more a month to have it?

In my asking on how she got to the hospital and who’s taking care of her tiny puppies she stated that she was a prisoner in her home when a couple weeks ago and a few streets away, a home was broken into. As they were robbing it one of them decided to rape the woman by holding a knife to her throat as her five year old son slept in the other room. Thankfully his partner a woman ran to next door and had them dial 911. Frightening and it’s one reason on why I keep three good size dogs., outside they love me, like right they have encircle my chair.

After hanging up my thoughts were on how to complete this if and what would I say about it? I already know I suck at prayer but it was when  was I ever going to get back.  I hopped onto my Nook, now I could have worked on it there but if you have ever used one for more than reading and games, it’s a nightmare. Just think of texting, buttons are bigger but they are hyper sensitive. Anyways read a few other speaking on prayer and one wish I could remember who it was and if it’s you so sorry would love to say your name because it was brilliant but he said prayer can be powerful, it is because look I have finished this task!

So if my computer can be pulled back together working without outside help what can happen if we all were to pray together to resolve these issues! Look people are losing perspective and are desperate and because these companies are way too greedy and feel justified in being that way. Just look at the prices of the food in the markets, soon no one will be able to feed themselves. Please someone explain why they grant themselves millions of dollars in bonuses even when they tanked the company.

Prayer can be the only answer.

Back to the greed of the banks, Wall street , health care and going to the government usually backfires where we get to pay either through our pockets or by a loss of freedom. Look at how well they have taken care of education, by being always the first place to cut their budgets on and  they keep right on doing what they do. There is another question hear have you ever heard a member of congress filing bankruptcy? Unless they are horrible or really really honest. I’m hesitate in voting, to me no matter the party there is a much bigger puppeteer pulling the strings.

We know it’s the enemy, keys were handed over when we took God out of the hearts and minds of the people. But we can pray – God is stronger.

Exodus 15:9-10

“The enemy said. “I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil, my desire shall have its fill of them. I will draw my sword; my hand shall destroy them.”

“You drew blew with your wind, the sea covered them; they sank like lead in the mighty waters.”

Doesn’t this sound  a lot like today? People are shooting each other and our families are being destroyed and have been for decades with drugs, divorces and making everything else a priority over the Lord who usually doesn’t even make it on the top ten list of things to get done for the day.

Another point was brought up by my mother  who’s not your most religious person you would meet. She had been taken to another medical center a Baptists hospital  for whatever test and they left her sitting in a wheel chair waiting in a hall for more than two hours, (in sheer agony with no painkillers). Not too far away two paramedics were waiting and soon they were talking and keeping her company. In the course of the conversation one asked if she would like for him to pray for her. Then he said he had to be very quiet because he’s not allowed to do this. Well my mother got pissed and told him flat out this was between her and him and no one was going to stop her from being prayed over and told him to go on with it.

I can be the same way tell me no and see how quickly I will do it! Which is why I am backing off on my expectations of my behaviors, believing in time and Jesus power of healing over an overnight cure.

When two people have to be concerned about their conversations with each other it’s time to stand in prayer! You cannot even say Jesus’s name without having issues unless you use it as a cuss word then you are being vogue, “In” word in cussing.

So on August 26 please join Greg Laurie’s Harvest America and it doesn’t matter on your country it has nothing to do with America in it self as it does to bring us back into the fold of the Lord. Mark 16:15 says ” And he told them, “You are to go into all the world and preach Good News to everyone, everywhere.”

I’ve included a link at the bottom for you to find out more, but they need your prayers in all matters from the technology to work without flaws the strength of the volunteers to keep things running smoothly and able to help those who come forward for counseling and for the message be that of The Lord’s will and this would be a good time to invited those or yourself to accept Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “Ready Set…Go!

  1. Great post! Interesting, too, that I heard in an interview with Mark Burnett about “The Bible” mini-series…that when he approached the Hollywood backers, they said, “Great idea! But, do you need to add the JESUS part?” Really???? That’s the point of the whole Bible…how can you leave that out?

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