Flying by the seat of my sofa

It’s the Arabian Nights in my living room each evening, flying from a cozy high backed cushiony sofa rooted in place so I  can sail into lives that are projected through my computer. Some people have a great big  flat screen TV, the kind that are securely plugged in above a fireplace mantle and is nice and wide where you can taste the movie theatre experience of the surround sound. While I do not have that the effect is much the same. (have an excellent imagination)

All the way up to three months ago I refused to be a person sequestered in place staring at the picture box, now I can’t get enough, and terribly frightened that next will be reality shows. Actually it’s like what I told my friend many years ago if you see me in polyester it’s time to shoot me! So I better tell her about those shows,  she would be doing me a favor by ending my misery.

Actually trips on the flying sofa took off prior to April, it began in September when Once Upon A Time, then it grew to Grimm and when they went on break it was Psych. They are my downfall and the reason on why there are healthy fat roots springing from my derriere. What is it about that show that I dig so much?

Once Upon A Time is easy, that is fantastic everything about it including Robert Carlyle, from his Full Monty to Plunkett and MacCleane, had trouble with Trainspotting otherwise I like to see him on the screen and Grimm the same all the characters are great ( favorite is Monroe, don’t know what it is but he keeps it from being too much horror ( yes I am a coward) and the make-up artists are awesome. But they are understandably a good reason to sit down once a week to watch what they will do with the  fairy tales of my youth.

I have gotten into Touch that one makes you think so you have to be on the ball with that one to keep up but they have done what five episodes and have seen and enjoyed Longmire, good one other than it seems police – detective is a favorite reoccurring theme but it has Lou Diamond Phillips and the area it’s film in is gorgeous like in Once Upon A Time and Grimm. Like the Sheriff in it also just would like to have Lou Diamond Phillips in front of the camera a little more. See what’s happened? It’s infectious.

Psych on the other hand is plain funny without making me stupid. Love the Shawn Spencer and then Gus is the perfect sidekick and I have met people like Lassie. They were every bit as obnoxious as him but when you were in trouble they were the first ones there to help fix it and of course Juliet having a great name one that I would wear proudly (in my teens a huge Romeo and Juliet fan) but she is beautiful. Shawn’s dad after getting over how Corbin Benson having aged since watching a millions times (my son did) Major League his performances are indeed interesting. It’s not his aging that bugged me it is mine that made me run straight to the mirror. Oh God those of you who are younger do not ever do that, you will not like what you see!

Before April I hadn’t watched a single show in the six years and with Hulu I got caught up in it, one show a day and when I hit the last one began again. It’s kind of like I Love Lucy for me, saw that show most of my life, usually while doing things around the house, my background noise of nostalgia. My remainder of  when my life was so much more secured as a kid.

I like this show so much was tempted to hit up Comic Con in San Diego for a glimpse to find out if the cast are indeed as friendly as it feels coming off of my small less than eighteen inch screen. The warmth is intriguing, I can sit down and have one of my bad chest pains that causes so much pressure that I can hardly breath and soon its forgotten and for weeks on end there was the worst headache that I was dealing with, aspirin, Tylenol ibuprofen were not taking care of it but the show relieved me.

There was a time in 2010 where I was unemployed for the first time and it was when I discovered there was a high blood pressure problem and at night these chest pains were intense to say the least and I would flip on Netflix comic stand up and did you know listening to Chris Titus will fix your chest pains! Man that guy had me laughing my booty off so did Chris Rock and then there was Lewis Black and of course I cannot count how many late late nights spent with the Blue Collar Tour until finally I ended up in the hospital, But even then did not watch TV, I would watch my three DVD’s a week from Netflix rarely got them back to see more than that.

I was busy working on my book that still is a work in progress and I am down to the clean up and there is not much steam left to complete it lately. If one person could read it so I would know if it’s worth all the millions of hours that has been put into it. All the way up to April before Psych I spend nearly two to three hours every single day on it. Think the last month hasn’t even hit that mark, then I have been dealing for close to three months with a toddler, when she hits her bed I am wiped out! It was so much easier when I was younger.

My book was my escapism I could turn the story to fit my mood and the funny thing is I would plan like I do these blogs and when I was done for the night the story went in places I hadn’t expected. Original plot was a mousey woman winning the Super lotto on the same day she finds out she has cancer and then she plans a bucket list that has all kinds of escapades including things like sex on a boat, train and yes the elevator. Story is now that she has made her plans God has stepped in.

I know from experience when people face cancer they are also facing their spiritual life if not themselves people will bring it in, this I know because of my sister who was 27 when she died of cancer. Cancer has plagued my family and there is a good shot that it will be the end of me that or this blood pressure deal. Usually that is no big deal but I do not have health insurance so it’s not going to get the attention a person with insurance does and it doesn’t really matter, I know when my time is up it’s up and there is not much I can say or do about it.

All I know is I now understand why people come under the influence of the television, it requires very little of you unlike most of life. If you don’t care for the program you can flip the remote without getting out of your seat where you job has you bouncing up and down and running in circles and your children if they are teens or very young will not let you get a sound nights sleep, until they move out.

Learning about the Lord is a good thing but it is not easy, I go through different stages some days or hours it’s denial while lately it is more of a bargain situation what ever it is it has not reach total acceptance yet. In reading Abraham taking his son to the altar for a sacrifice, just how do you know it’s God talking to you? The answer I guess comes by Abraham being stopped from doing it, just can’t imagine the scar it had to have left on Issac is that his name? Can’t remember my head is kind of aching.

My issues with what is the right move, what does staying in place mean, or when I am to move? Are my prayers good enough or are they frequent enough, it never feels it’s enough or good enough, so I go to my show and forget all my problems including the bills, just hope I get the cash to the cable company tomorrow before it’s turn off!

I also wonder if watching Grimm and Once Upon a Time is an issue with God? These types of questions that I ask myself are what makes it so unenjoyable and gets in my way. When I watch them it’s just that I am not believing anything just taking a spell from my issues that are having trouble being resolved.

In writing yesterday about asking for everyone to come stand in prayer I do believe if enough people come together it will work, I think things work better as a collective than as a single person. It’s like that thing that’s shown up in movies a hand full of twigs group together is hard to break where the one twig snaps with a brush of your finger.

So I will replay my Psych show the one where they are all dudded out in the 70″s. Man it would be  a blast to hit up a 70’s club, did that in Seattle a few years ago! First I will finish listening to Apocalyptica’s Not Strong Enough with Sinedown’s Brent Smith (I hate it when that song comes to an end)


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