Guitar echoes finds heart

The song Nutshell  written and performed by Alice n Chains back when Layne Staley was alive as the vocalist with Jerry Cantrell’s guitar work as an echo to the song’s sad foot print.

Alice n Chains Nutshell unplugged

“We chase misprinted lies
We face the path of time
And yet I fight
And yet I fight
This battle all alone
No one to cry to
No place to call home”

It is the “And yet I fight” repeated that has my ear of understanding what Layne was portraying in his heartfelt voice, the guitar heart echoes  his and mine to be  united in “This battle all alone, No one to cry to, No place to call home”

There is without a doubt that all of this is untrue, The Lord is with all of us and is with me yet it just feels so real. Parts of me wish that Layne Staley who seemed to be searching in many of his lyrics had found what he was looking for before that last binge of drugs. Addiction the deadly noose to a very talented individual whose music speaks long after he has gone. Thankfully the rest of the band is just as exceptionally gifted and continues on to this very day.

“Nutshell” resonance of strings, preferring the unplugged version but will take the original,  keeps me hooked on that they could be reading my mind.

“My gift of self is raped
My privacy is raked
And yet I find
And yet I find
Repeating in my head
If I can’t be my own
I’d feel better dead”

Just to clear the air about the last line is not me being echoed it’s the balance of the song, I fight to be my own person then I recoil at who I am, the one who wants so much to be a strong believer who has the gift of being able to hand out scripture and advice to someone in need, write a meaningful thought provoking blog that soothes others. Inside and outward at the moment will run in the other direction if given the opportunity.

Everything about the gift of me is a sinner, my privacy is raked when it first came out wasn’t an issue but it sure is today having everything you do go viral. All I wanted was to keep touch with my son, it got started when I worked hours that made it hard to pick up the phone. I worked nights he worked days, now I am splashed on Facebook. This blogging don’t mind my name is nowhere attached, this I like!

In order for me to be successful in this world I can’t be my own, I have to blend in and accept what is given, with the Lord I must let go of myself in order to find what he has in store.

The guitar echoes this…

My heart joins in with the guitar…

I need to be dead to myself, it’s the part of the five stages of dying to be reborn are singing through the voice of the dead singer. Does this mean I have moved into the fourth stage?…

There is the footprints of the Lord to follow…

Romans 6:6

We know that our old natures were crucified with him so that our sin-laden
bodies might be rendered powerless and we might no longer be slaves to sin.



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