Can I use that for an emergency exit?

There is such a thing as an unclear mind when confusion is taunting and feeling  a need to be ejected from this jumbled mess that has become my life. Without a word utter and out from the corner of my eye a sign shines in green on black, I can see it is declaring that this is a good place for exiting. Trembling in getting to my stance, bottom cushion flips up immediately a course whisper “You won’t be able to return to this same place quite so easily if you do this.” It needles my position again into uncertainty by adding ”  Are you sure that you really want to leave?”

I shake my head “no” but  the chaos is uncontrollable, that exit sign pushes to climbed for safety of the stairs. I am being beckoned by those green powerful lettering in getting this lazy behind to get up. However my feet are in a pair of running shoes that are no longer fit for running, these are now filled with lead. I will blame it on the condition of the shoes soles and slide by people staring up, and part of me wants only to return to my seating, The unknown is grieving me and more fearful than my life even though it is chaotic. Suddenly overwhelmed by my soul looking so longingly towards that lit exit above the door that is shut tight. I think I hate that exit sign just tripped over a person’s foot in hating it.

That life-size screen is revealing how all of them around me are satisfied with how their lives are turning out. My feet are stammering, my soul is growing weaker it just peered towards that place, I am sensing it is getting strength through it. A small voice coming out from the glowing lettering cries out ” I would be leaving this place of darkness and would be coming out into the light and all I have to do is step through” A ring of a subtle glow coming out from the housing confirms to the tear escaping “It’s that easy”

I am becoming reluctant by aroma of freshly popped popcorn that the people are eating by the handfuls.  Their flavorful buttery goodness is tempting with comfort to take back my seat. It’s too good I want to rejoin them. That sign interjects boldly but I can see that I am the one who can see and hear it when it said ” Look at me aren’t I more fascinating than that screen?” I shake my head “No”

Green light has started to pierce my heart “You know who I am, come I have what you need to fix your soul”

The tongue is thickened and can’t respond, sign still is pulling inch by inch, stepping over people’s legs, I am forced to see into their faces, some are terrified by the scene; a little girl is in tears. So I have to look at that screen. Oh my God I can’t take it, it’s so painful please, dear God, please what can I do? It’s horrible here I am so sad but that sign yes that sign didn’t it tell me it can fix this? I will look around, just look no one is getting up, why am I the only one standing?

Oh wait I see a man getting up, there’s another think that is a woman, you know a head has popped up over the balcony, there’s another in the aisle I think I will join them. Scary but have made it so far to the aisle and here’s a teenager passing me by maybe I should lag behind that way I can make a quick exit if I don’t like what I see when she goes for that exit door.

Like a mouse scurrying to gain distance before it’s too late, my senses are alive,  experiencing fresh new pins and needles, think it’s the half of me screaming to get back into that seat and the other half has grown calmer. There is a gentle pleading to stay my course. The only one that seems to be set is my feet that won’t stop following this teenage girl in front of me. I wonder if I have accidentally latched onto her?

We’re reaching that green on black exit sign, my heart is pounding so hard,  surprised in hearing the movie playing from behind me and it keeps asking to come back. Think I have gone too far again but maybe it’s not too late for returning. Is she thinking the same thing because she is slowing down.

Well I won’t pass her I can’t walk through that exit sign without knowing first.

Wow, ah what just happened? I have blinked and she’s, she’s gone!

Something is tugging at my sleeve, turning mid stride onto another climb of the stairs and out of the darkness is an emergency exit….

He replied, “My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.”
Luke 8:21 (NIV)

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Pic of Emergency


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