Hit that? Nah, think I missed it!

I’m listening to The Offsprings “Hit That” and it is crying out all the things that are strangling the society and yet as I am baby stepping onto my path moving by micros towards the Lord and see that I am not writing posts like other members of the Christian faith. Kinda leaves with maybe it’s time to pack it in. There is no way I will ever be what others perceive me to be doing, never been able to get into that box of any kind.

My best subject in school – theology.  I can take a song and twist it around until it makes perfect sense (to me) I can do it with any of the music and see God in them. In my baby steps remember ‘What about Bob?” That’s me, baby step to the curb, to another verse in the Bible. In thinking is this the time to step it up and then I recall when that was done before , my nerves are still fractured from when I did do that.

Oh it was so painful, that has lasted longer than child-birth and beyond raising the children. Now I found the Lord again in a place where I shouldn’t have a book titled”Butterflies are Free to Fly ” by Stephen Davis. He calls it a new and radical approach to spiritual evolution, made it to chapter 13 and almost wondering if I should pick it back up again, because I am losing my perspective on accepting what the Lord places in front of me.

Tired of complaining like in the that song ‘Satisfaction” placed a couple of days back and feel guilt for seeing things that others are not. Are my eyes in need of the optometrist? More like a head shrink is needed to be called upon but I won’t because of not  believing in quick fixes and I honestly don’t think the Lord is big on them either.

What I do know is that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savor and in believing in Him I am saved from a damnation in hell. Is there really anything else more important?

Once I can accept my faults and start to be able to love thyself will be able to do more than pray for others in the  meantime I have The Offsprings quirky tune as a reminder on why I need to stay on this course so I don’t hit then miss it.

Psalm 16:11 reads, “You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence  is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever.”

I wonder if its time though for another to take over this blog? What do you suggest?


Here’s The Offspring “Hit That” video found on:


Bible verse taken from :Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1798754



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