I am sickened…those pour cows!

Just look at their faces and tell me how people

can mistreat these animal?

Please someone answer this…..If not to me to our Lord because those that are cruel to his animals what will they do to his people?

 I am right sickened by what I had seen of the video of In-n-Out pulling their business from the beef supplier who is severely mistreating cattle. First of all cows are none threatening and look at those eyes in these pictures. Just horrible and they did not even show the whole thing they said it was too much to stomach.

How can those people and the company be so heinous to the Lord’s animals?

As far as I am concerned I will not be buying anymore meat! Guess it’s the feather to tip the scale since I have  been considering becoming a vegetarian and with how cold the corporate world has become this has to be without a doubt to be epidemic.

Speaking of corporations being heartless I congratulate In-n-Out for taking action the moment they found out and thankfully I can get their veggie style sandwiches and those delicious fries, a place that aims for doing business with honor and integrity.

This news reel is right here, careful it’s very sad to watch…..          In-N-Out pulls out on the beef supplier  

Proverbs 12:10ESV / 20 helpful votes

Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.

Proverbs 27:23 ESV / 12 helpful votes

Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds,


I keep jumping back on because of the image is making me sick, the cows were in such bad shape they could not stand, something has to be done because I am serious if a person can bring harm to them they will do this to a child or an adult!

bible verses from :http://www.openbible.info/topics/taking_care_of_animals

pic: cow-mooo.wikispaces.com

2nd pic:true-wildlife.blogspot.com

3rd pic:www.recycle.co.uk

4th pic: http://www.webwallpapers.net


7 thoughts on “I am sickened…those pour cows!

  1. The food industry is very sad! It’s not just the cows either! I’ve seen a lot of documentaries about chickens too. The fast food industry is unhealthy and creating a lot of unneeded cruelty. Very sad!

  2. I hope you never find out how any animals in our food chain are treated because it would truly shock and appall you. Ever since large corporations took over, animals have been treated so cruelly that it is not any wonder at all their meat is sickening us.

      • You are right again. Steroids to fatten the cattle up so they can be slaughtered sooner is not neutralized by cooking so what it does to the cattle, it does to humans as well. Antibiotics are another drug they are given which has made many diseases immune to antibiotics now. And more food than people realize has been gene manipulated and no one knows what the long term effects are going to be from that one. The people who raise their own meat and grow their own crops are going to be the ones that will come out of all this the best. It is an interesting subject!

  3. it breaks my heart to see any living thing mistreated – especially children. when people mistreat others for money, something should go off in them to say “dude! it’s really not that serious!”

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