George please give a little flick to the ear when ever I say I or Me. Got it?

Fiendishly George’s handsome lips widens holding up his hand,  middle finger and thumb ready “Oh I sure got it”

” Yeah I say” TWACK!..

“George I’m” TWACK to the left the ear”

“Wasn’t ready”

George lets out a hoot “Hey just following orders,” he points to boobs on this person thinking it was by accident that is where his finger landed but he says like nothing happened  ” That you gave me by the way”

“Great ” eyes rolls over ” And  you George are always following these rule to the letter aren’t you! Fine .. Auh… ready to roll”

George and I …!TWACK!.. We with my …TWACK.. dang holding up a hand to the ear that’s a bit pink and this venture hasn’t even made it out the front door and this left ear that hurts “George you don’t have to be so good at this” This one cried out to her perpetrator.

Sun’s out humidity has drawn back we’re wearing shorts and tanks my ..TWACK!  Rubbing my right ear this time ready to choke him instead said very firmly “Hey George I “Blocking his next move once again ” Don’t even think about it just setting the ground rules to be more clearer got it”

“Hey the experiment is to not use anything that involves you and that means no my’s are allowed” as he displays his innocence before….ah ah oh forget it.

Slumped over “Fine fine”…. “So these feet are settled in a pair of modified tennis shoes,  to what they are now  sandals so this path that we will walk they the feet will be comfortable in their shoes”

The both of us in utter silence mostly because of this one’s afraid, ear stings from the rules but they can hear the bird tweets and a swarm of hidden bees up high in the tamarisk trees. They are providing our stroll a cooling relief ever so briefly  underneath them. George informs his sidekick that these trees were not from this area, they’re from Africa not knowing that they steal tons of  water to keep them so hearty, when all the settlers were looking for were wind breaks. He doles out the numbers of gallon it too many for my…TWACK! head. Hand consoles the right ear thankfully he’s laid off of the left it’s the one that has a little sting to it.

Our overhead shading has left and we are walking at a more heart healthy pace around the bend of the open sun’s arms, there is a sudden feeling to slow the pace but my….TWACK George devilishly flicks that sore left one when we both see it. His laughter is reeled in as quickly as our surprise was given.

A deer of the female kind was to our left only ten twelve feet away. She looking passed our heads we both move keeping in the same spot, towards the direction of hers concentration and neither one of us see anything. In unison we go back towards the deer chewing leaves. I ..TWACK” Dang it George” blink and she’s gone…

But not the memory of having called out ever so shamefully to all friends an acquaintances of,  in an email begging for a prayer request a couple of months back. Rent was under water about to find out what its’ like to be evicted an experience that this one never wanted to know but Our Lord who already had that taken care of had a great purpose for the prayer request….

My..TWACK..”Hey buddy this is important” trying hard to not scream he grins “Nope it’s not!”

Another “Fine” slips through these lips…

His son was about to meet with a deer later that day while driving down a back highway on his motorcycle. It was too bad for the deer lying dead in the road but when the Highway patrolman heard that a motorcycle had a run in with a deer he immediately called for a helicopter and what he saw amazed him, only the riders foot was broken with a deer down and it was too late for any aid to be given to the creature while the rider stood limping taking photo ops of the incident, pasting them to Facebook as he did so. Never knowing it was the result of a chain of prayers going out for this one that included a coverage over family members. The Lord is great indeed because no matter how much I ..twack… he looks shameful in doing it so it was a sparing flick to the ear.

A house is in need loosing your own child is greater pain. An experience know all too well having watched a sibling pass away too young and the damage to our family’s parents was harder to witness. Sister who was dying from cancer was just fine because she knew she was going home. Those that are left behind even knowing where that home is suffers in  agony.

Humbly we both move into the preserves path, working our arms and legs for a brisk walk of exercise. The birds are singing in harmony,  bees zip passed with no hurry, distance sounds of people in their vigils somewhere unseen but heard. With the humid air cut in half from the prior weeks this one was able to gallop out into the field as if a horse set out for freedom, again neither one willing to speak in order to not miss the next lesson. We came to an intersection of the path I..TWACK.. we took the low road the one rarely used, trudging through the reeds over growing the way, keeping the back of the shins with those sandal slash tennis, forgot the camera when the Monarch butterfly landed on one of the reeds breathing distance away and as that shoe nailed the back of the leg a good size dragonfly skimmed the brush.

George had no need in listening to self scolding stretched those muscular arms pressed on the way, these feet followed suit, arms duplicating his movements in tandem  we ventured further into the desert’s oasis. We rounded another loop, leaped over a fallen grey log up a ways way off the beat path into a cove a circular design by human for retreats. Benches with cup holders so this tangerine enclosed H2O was placed into one and these arms with to the never been used fire pit did bench presses there. George was doing it so why could this one? Well the arms and shoulders need more training and gave up at number six maybe they made to eight but certainly wasn’t ten the number in which was the goal.

So as he worked out underneath mountains strung high up above and were as expected to be found in the desert, rough jagged with little plant life while we are corralled by reeds, cattail, arrow brush of the Cahuilla Indians, trickles of a creek running under the decking. Songs of the birds were loud here no fear of disturbing anyones but fed this soul. Trees loomed higher than the blanketed underbrush that stood higher than the both of us. In the mist  were once was now skeletons of past living trees. The green, greens of emeralds, minty garnets and Peridot made the brash ashen stumps of charcoal blink.  Blue eyes of the soul checking out the scenery , charcoal stumps toppled over in the thrush others placed as the artist has done with their sculptures, standing right where their work becomes a focal point for artistian visitors.

George caught on to what these blues were gazing on and said in a whisper to the tainted left ear”Think that sculptor’s name is Lord” Shook a yes didn’t want a flick of the ear to intervene on purity in the solitude of this unexpected oasis of the desert. We both reluctantly left going back to the known path and when did we received a blast of noise from an unseen creature that sounded like a wild boar but do they live here? Can’t say it startled both of us and another couple when it was their turn to make that stretch.

All in all the exercise was more about keeping our focus and speak more on the Lord than ourselves and did make for a pleasant morning, outside this ear that thankfully had healed by no longer stinging.

And those nasty hot flashes went on hiatus!!

 1 Chronicles 16:11
Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His face continually.





















Sorry to say there was no George Clooney on this path, just this one with a vivid imagination…


Bible verse found on:

clip art from:






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