If a woman has a hot flash in the forest…..

and no one is around did it happen?….                                                             

Would it be the same philosophical questions as the ” If a tree fell in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

I can’t seem to understand why that is a question at all. Of course a sound is made and yes when a woman has those nasty hot flashes it does make a sound and they are not nice sounds but rather ugly groans. Gauging by personal experience it snaps just as the trunk did before the harsh slam into the ground. Only difference from a tree and a woman under the duress of the body’s revolt and repulsing behavior is how one handles it and I am not handling it well.

Why for the first part of understanding my reactions that quite frankly are  not spoken about and that is really the first thing. It’s like we by we I mean me, am ashamed by this part of my aging transition. Hey got to remember its the youth who we (I) seem to find all our wisdom in and being old is not cool, so unnatural that we (I)  prefer to take on plastic surgry in order to avoid being what “Old”

Age is the tree falling and it does make a sound and why put it into a question like it were possible it didn’t happen. The Lord himself heard it and because we cannot see him and for me having a hearing impairment cannot hear his message doesn’t mean he’s not here with us as it says at the end of Isaiah 8:10 “and God is with us” And he does have a message and well in trying to behave that nothing is there or said or wrong, I accidentally begin doing this smashing of my power-driven steam-engine back under the skin nonsense.

Problem with that it will expel elsewhere and usually not where is should be. Like me yesterday sweltering from a personal sauna without a kill switch, ended up here on the blog. Guess this is a good place to apologize to everyone. So Sorry…:(

I’ve seen a few women very few who had no problem shouting they were hot then dashed out of the store into what I had seen a blizzard but she did light up like the red light district being raided. This hasn’t even been a subject addressed by my own mother. There is no idea what our family history is when it comes to all the questions of how long am I to be burning up in hell with these?

If it were just hot flashes it would be one thing but it runs a muck into my emotions and tears up my memory cells, its temporary it all comes back once the heat gets turned down and surprisingly manage a cat size nap for slumber. (That’s all you get before  drowning from night sweats, Thank God I’m single, hate to be arrested for drowning my spouse too)

So I fall down into the forest dense bug ridden mulch piled high by deadwood and leaves whining about what I cannot get a grip on when it comes to learning of our Lord. So what I do with all that heat is punish all of those around me. Silently not an out right swing of  penetrating heated rays zapping criminals. Oh no, that would be way too awesome to turn this crippling menopause into a super hero action figure. Could you just picture what that doll would look like? Hair standing on end, eyes twitching nails sharpened, bloody dripping  ready to dig into anything else that stands still and the voice (because it’s voiced activated one!) is shrieking absentees, electrical charges springing from pores and it would be surrounded in beaded sweat as she applies lips stick and mascara for a hundredth time.  Nah that would take too much logic to use it for good and  it usually  ends up messy nailing and grumbling to those who live with me and other innocent victims anyways.

About the question of if the tree falls this was and has been pondered since 1710 by Philosopher George Berkeley, in his work, A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge (taken from Wikipedia) I admit it’s an interesting idea if you remove the Lord from your thoughts otherwise what is there to think about? But that is and has been  happening for as long as there have been people who take what is placed into each of our hearts that there is a being more powerful and in control than ourselves. At the same time its understandable on why especially when my body is running havoc then it can also be really bad because who else am I going to blame for it?

Naturally and with shame have sent a few fisted blows towards our Creator, forgetting it wasn’t him that made this happen it was our sinful natures that really made the mess. The world is in as much of a  mess as are my hormones, we need to remember that this weekend August 26th is Greg Laurie’s Harvest America. Take a look at his website and pray that there will be some healing for ourselves and those who live here and throughout America. Or else you might get a visit from a  hot flashing beastly woman. If she can figure out how to make it turn on by command and not when it suits it! Which is basically what you can say about how I have treated Our Lord, pay back can be a real b*#%@!

So as a tree falls in the woods, making a sound where would the Lord find you when he comes?  As in….

Luke 18:8

 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

Link to Harvest America: Harvest America

Bible verse found on :http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-Healing-the-Nation

pic of fallen tree: http://www.123rf.com

woman clip art: http://www.clipartof.com/gallery/clipart/hot_flashes.html


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