Raw? I didn’t know!


One should ask questions before getting on a path of spiritual awaking or any path that lays ahead in life. Like for instant  and for some poops and giggles say you’re  given an invitation to go skinny dipping. My first reply  would be, after dark right? Because there is no way I will let anyone see me in this shape! It’s not that I am the one with the problem of it – it would be all the rest being in tormented for the rest of their lives that would have a say in the matter.

But at the same time the freedom of dipping into the water bare intrigues with a touch of delight. Just look at the picture, if that isn’t inviting what does then?  One of the first things I did when moving out from my crowded nest into my own place was spent being in the raw for a whole weekend. Grant you it was all incredible amount of release as long as I avoided mirrors and that was easy after figuring out all by myself where they were and just didn’t go anywhere near them. Freed of my outer wear and had no one to make excuses to. Walla what a time. It was forgotten all about  until I saw that headline on Yahoo about that family with 19 children and her plan to never experience the empty nest. Is she serious?

I would love to skip past this menopause stage if it were possible and  would love to have missed out on this part of God’s plan that left this one without a job, could you imagine how much greater our budget is if we skipped over paying bills? Definitely would want to pass on this shedding of the outer layers, hence the loss of employment and think it does lead towards insanity that I too would love to pass on. I think empty nest is part of life just as this miserable deal with aging and it is also a part of this path that I am dreading that is leaving me raw.

Raw grated over emotions  that have been blistered into being  exposed and nowhere to hide from the tearing  away of the old that lead towards death, unless one  exits the path then may find the Lord hardening your heart.  Personally think I could take on hell before taking on 19 children. Remember I am the one that does not have a natural mother instinct, which for the life of me can’t figure out why me  when so many are praying to have this placed upon them. Believe me I applaud those that are so willing and capable because it is the most challenging position out there.

This one is the rocker who loves to dwell on the idea of being cooped up in a recording studio days on end working on just one song repeatedly just so when its polished a person will enjoy the 3 to 4 minutes that they last. Instead of being able to pursue that career, the favorite down time is just plugging in through headphones to what others have done inside those windowless studios. Been a long time since stepping in wouldn’t be surprised if you find windows in there now. Either way what I am and have been living isn’t and has not been in the plans,  and trying to find a place where I do fit in is creating a lot of raw meat.

This rawness if I had known was a part of the path probably would have said ” Let me think about this ” then would have side stepped my way from the requester. Becoming a Christian is not for the weak and would say an empty nest is also a part of the path as well as other things we have no plans for because the Lord’s will – will always win.

Revelation 22:14ESV

Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates.

1 pic:http://www.123rf.com/photo_551549_skinny-dipping-a.html

2 pic: http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/24600/24654/streaking_fr_24654.htm

Bible verse found :http://www.openbible.info/topics/being_focused


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