These eyes……

Yep that is what I have been doing eaves dropping since my last blog, emptied my mind of all thoughts and jumped into all of yours and then  moved into the Wattpad another fellow blogger suggested in  his and boy has that been keeping me busy, busy, busy feel like the villain in the Frosty the Snowman cartoon when he was promised a Christmas gift from Santa if he behaved.

It was invigorating to place my book that I have toiled with since 2010, d *#n that is a long time and I could not get a single soul to read it that whole time. Cristian Mihai blog is the one that shared it – now it’s in the hands of people who are reading it, only 4 chapters because I am still cleaning it up. I went from that to seeing  so many new posts and people stories and still feel I haven’t made a dent in the back up from handling my grand baby and there are still a couple who stopped by that I want to check out their work.

I don’t know about you but the best part of seeing that amber star in the corner when you hop on is the chance of meeting another bloggers work or what? Yes I am a begging poodle who loves and thrives on adulations, can you see me now sitting pretty tongue hanging out trying to look so adorable that there will be more good vibes of strokes coming my way? Well shamefully that is me!

Which is why trying to stroll on this path with the Lord is such an issue, you don’t get a gold star or a pat on the back of good job or even have you sit down on a chair across from  his desk for that “talk” but I have felt those spankings of his…….. Thankfully he more than makes up by giving a more permanent gift of his son Jesus Christ who will wipe away my poor behavior.  Shelfishly I would rather have that talk and a kind pat on the back at least for right now, especially after listening to another Max Lucado and it was down right depressing hearing all the hardships Christians are going to encounter and do encounter in other parts of the world. Didn’t care for that when I went in for bending an ear in listening.

So instead I found some delicious recipes and one day will get to make some of those yummies and was reminded of Stevie Ray Vaughan anniversary that was hard to believe how much time has passed. (mostly because it means I had to face that is how much older I am) Just the other day recalled how it has been nearly 19 years since my sister passed away. Oct 4th will be another year added to that. I hate Oct 4th, I don’t even have to remember to check the calendar my  heart always reminds me.

Seeing notices of musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dimebag Darrel which comes up close to John Lennon’s are also reminders of my sister because she was a singer and had an opportunity in the 80’s to a cut a record in Germany. Not much happened with it ut she got to live there for a while when she was only 18 and anytime you get to try out new places it’s a success as far as I am concerned, so though she passed away young she lived a full life and she was pleased with it in the end.

My last blog as pathetic as it was there was a fellow blogger and in my shutting down time don’t even recall sending a reply but it was so nice to hear that I wasn’t alone in coming to grips with this path that I am flopping all over the place on but do believe I have definitively hit stage 4 in the grieving process which I am afraid to say depression and it doesn’t help having to deal with my other issues. Hopefully something does give but having people still sticking around to watch my train wreck does help and finally people are reading that book! Yippy…

Wish I could place it here but it has too much language and it is lengthy which I am finding that it’s a lot of teens on the Wattpad and they write short stories, only like 1 to 2 page chapters. But I tell you those kids are good! Jealous like I am with so many of you out there and your ideas, the 5 things to do each day, finding 3 daily delights awesome, the vegan recipes the trips around the world, the photography just can’t say enough good things there and the poems!!! And sharing of the daily life, makes me feel that maybe I am not such a freak after all, kidding I mean it in a good way. The tales of raising children, the pain that comes along, some are personal some are work related I really like that part of sharing of the blog, then there’s the ones with information and informative articles even if it’s not agreeable they are well written that I do check to see if maybe just maybe I need to think more than just make a decision based on emotions. You  know?

Not to be last or least those of you who are sure in your faith I do find encouragement in  your blogging. I feel I should place your links here but  all those juicy blogs that I have been reading are to my right! I’m sure you will find your name there and for those of you I haven’t gotten to I will as soon as I can! But thanks for your stories and for stopping by my place too bad we can’t all have a cocktail over the wire (me personally prefer a shot of tequilla with a lime wedge and of course salt) or even nibble on some those delicious pages.

Have a blessed day,

Lost Lamb 




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