Our Lord’s Daisies….

This short video  speaks beautifully in tone and in message. It gives me wonder like that ever helps but what if one of the reasons for my lack being able to comprehend faith is my inability to understand love from living in this  dysfunctional divorce society. My parents did do the best they could that is without question as I did for my own boys but there was not a possibility of meeting my sons needs because a lot of mine had not been met essentially  in speaking on a firm foundation and there was betrayal.

I really would not like to ruin this message by droning on about facing pain in the dysfunctional family , so please enjoy this video and I wasn’t able to locate who she is that is speaking because I would like to hear more from her.

What a normal blog coming from this lost lamb?…What is this world coming too?

The lamb suggest that you better take cover!

Uploaded by     on Aug  5, 2011



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