Do you hear what I hear?

This lost lamb hears a lot of things, the birds in the branches, insects in humming as they pass me, my kitty’s meows and oh my dogs when people come to the door and the trucks coming down the highways behind my house and  even hear the news such as the flooding from hurricane Issac.  I  have no idea how any of you who deal with hurricanes and tornadoes do it. It frightens me to no end and I am sitting pretty high in the desert.

Like now the temps for today were actually pretty nice and it did shower and you would not believe how delightful the aroma of a desert when the water hits it. Thought living in Big Bear with the tall pines couldn’t be beat, the desert comes awfully close or maybe its just because you don’t expect it. But while comfortable except for when my hot flashes hit with the same rate of the humidity for a period of time I have been doing great while some were sitting on their roof tops with the water rising. Now that is a nightmare. Drowning terrified me. It sits right up there with dismemberment, so as it goes on I  will keep you all in  prayers.

For a time I did want to move to Louisiana, been there twice and each time I loved it even more so, the people the structures of the buildings and the countryside. Peacocks ar my thing, love animals but I do love peacocks and a couple of wild pea fowls were in the trees. Things got in the way of that dream and it most likely was the Lord knowing my feelings about water.

The other things I hear is what others say that the Lord speaks to them. How does this happen? Is it a thought that comes along that there is no way you could have thought of it? Or is it a voice?

Now one time I did hear a voice and if it was the Lord I failed the test. Remember I do poorly with tests so it does not come as a surprise that I would fail it. It was really silly but I had to get my house painted, work was busy and a weekend job ended up taking more than a month when I got a call that my dad would be there in three days. After having a heart attack and looked over my work schedule and the weekend he was coming happened to be Memorial. We were already picking up business from the early birds so the Thursday before that Sunday I was off and had a whole house to get done. I got out there and began painting like a mad woman, as fast and the best I could too, wanted a good job not a sloppy paint job.

Barely more than 45 minutes went by when there is a loud “Go inside and take your clothes off”

Looking around paint roller in hand, went back to work, it happened a couple of times and each time I yelled a little more louder after checking that there was indeed no one around” No”

Man I had a lot to get done and I was on a roll working on the hardest part of the house. Before I know it the roller goes up and a good 3 inch splitter goes right through my thumb, stubbornness in me  yanked it out and I yelled” I said I don’t have time to go inside”

Well my thumb did throb but I kept right on painting and hear again to get inside to remove my clothing, nothing worked until, bet you can guess it,  had to pee. Strut inside I do except instead pick up a phone and chat with my friend, why I don’t know but I did ,then  ran into the bathroom –  low and behold there was a huge I mean huge black widow in my shorts. The tennis shoe sitting at my feet smashes it into the ground just as my son came home from school. Bringing the door open and shouts come clean up this spider. He pouted because he hates spiders but he came in and it was gone. The squashed bug was nowhere and three days later in my sleep I am bitten by it and never saw it again. Sick for a few days and my dad didn’t come. Breaking my neck getting that house done and he didn’t see my paint job, oh well it did look nice.

Really don’t think that voice heard is what people are talking about because if that is how God speaks with us well I think there would be a lot more believers out there, something says it’s a quiet inner voice. Mine experience was a loud booming, really thought someone was around but there wasn’t even a bird chirping. In the end it didn’t matter how the Lord speaks with me I am terrible at following instructions no matter how simple the request is, probably explains why I still ended up bit by it.

Deuteronomy 31:6

” Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”






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