Can I write my most important post before the toddler awakes?

Doubtful but taking a stab at it.

This could be my hardest assignment ever given. While I am not level-headed at the moment because of finding myself submerged into a dream. This lamb can tell you it is lovely a little weepy, because of the sightings of tiny critters in wings dwelling beside creeks and flower beds. You know where fairy tales are born and those nice things called awards.

Me a lost lamb? Worthy? Some maybe be saying “No it just can’t be true” as they hide their shocked faces wondering what the world has come to but here’s the proof of the puddin’  (if not for you but for me since I can’t get anyone to pinch me out of my perplexed lamb state)

Sep 7, 4:29 pm

Following –  See it’s comes from a follower who is brave enough to follow this lost lamb

Congratulations!!  I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” put on by Very Novel.  Nominate 15 other people for a blog too.  :-)

How do you say thank you to Marla Rose Brady who is actually the very first person to ever grace this lamb with an award?

When I couldn’t get my own mother to read any of my works must less follow a blog. This lambs employers had provided bonuses for a job well done, or offer a condo to stay in at their expense, just no certificates or paper to show off on a job application when they ask what awards you have been given from your previous employers. Don’t think dinner counts. Do you?

The very next and equally challenging is picking who deserves this next in only fifteen to be handed out. See this lambs followings there are nearly 50 there and I feel each and every single one deserves it or at least 98% percent. There’s Nick at his site Talkin’ Shit it’s an awesome blog and it reminds me of my sons. They speak the same language and he does make some good points and you never know what he will say next. But because he’s awesome and recently got an award think I will lend this to one who I am not sure has won yet. My luck they’ve won several times over Nick’s but I am not aware and they deserve it in my book. So Nick I am sorry but your cool guy anyways. (Watch you will see this lamb named in  his d#*^h bag

There is one blogger I really want to give this to but she hasn’t been on since August 13th, her last post and I know she is ill, her name will be on the list of the fifteen but think she needs some serious prayers from everyone. Her blog is At Home With God – she was the first to step onto this site and she’s awesome, hey they are all awesome so I won’t say that again at least not 15x’s  2nd person to come my way – remember prayers are needed here and just say a prayer for all, who doesn’t need prayers? 3rd and always filled with the Spirit  I love to watch the youth push for a better life– her granola recipe delicious!– always testing the opinions – I love that, who doesn’t like to see a strong female, well I do. humorous plus insightful he loves the people he is writing about that is what makes it good reading for this lamb. Why the f  his is showing up different? Got me (tried it won’t fix) I said I love strong women ( I keep hoping it rubs off, or contagious so that I get a little of that strength)’s the Weddington Adventures need I say more? Didn’t think so there was a time my measurements were that. Kiddin close 34 23 36. Yes I was a young kid then but it was also on a really really short body so its didn’t do any good. They are awesome – dang need a better word here, oh well (catch I stole their clip art idea the other day..Oops Ssshish don’t tell her I went to work with two different shoes one time. Thank the Lord no one noticed lamb can get too morose. Is that the right word? Well she reminds me to be thankful – good job 3 daily delights with all the great photographers on WordPress how do you pick the best? Can’t but her work speaks into my heart

My fifteen bloggers who are awesome but because I don’t follow instructions well this one Cristian Mihai is like my fourth follower for a time and he has provided great insights into writing. Sorry to say haven’t obeyed a single writing rule. Hey if I am having difficulty in following the Lord’s rules well you can image I don’t obey the others either.

From this point I have no clue do I send out replys to everyone? Humm, will do if I miss you guess what? The toddlers had awakened. For those that I didn’t pick – you remain just as awesome as the list above. There is not one blogger on that side panel that I don’t run to see what has been written and though I fear clicking the Fresh Pressed because it does get challenging to keep up (could be I am a slow reader) wish I could send each and every single  one an award (secretly h double popsicle sticks no it is took forever cut and pasting) but you get my drift.

I almost forgot to thank the most important one and that is the Lord. Oh Lord thank you so much!!

See the other day as you know I can get down in the dumps with this no work lacking income. You know all the bs and I had prayed  and I wasn’t even kind in asking to be given a reason to keep plugging away at writing.

Well it was done shortly after setting up my where they only allowed me the lamb who can’t shut up 90 characters to describe my book. What 90? Well  as you can imagine the f word was thrown around a lot and that is around the time I had basically and shamefully so bullied the Lord into a providing a response. Look and I didn’t expect this! Just was happy that  my numbers of stats picked up a bit. Well I don’t dare try that way again but look he answered anyways.

Heads up you 15 people just go to she will show you the right way to do this. I just too a peek at it and there is no way I can start over. Riley is up and moving around.

Have a blessed day all you awesome bloggers out there.


7 thoughts on “Can I write my most important post before the toddler awakes?

  1. Hi, again! I didn’t even recognize your blog when I first got on here–its so big and bold…and BEAUTIFUL! I’m so glad for you that you got this award. (I enjoyed reading your post about it too. How nice of Riley to stay asleep long enough for you to write it.)

    Thank you aplenty for nominating me and for surprising me with so much care in holding me up in prayer and asking others to do so. It has made such a difference to me. There is so much that has gone on in this past month and I’m so glad your God-directed petitions were a part of it. I haven’t been feeling well on a number of levels and while many things have not changed in very great ways, I’m ready to come back and write again. Glad you were there for me when I needed it!



    • Really happy to hear from you, was getting a little worried. I have had to take a few days off myself things can get so overloaded and here I was surprised to see your back. What a delight! Hope that everything keeps progressing in better ways from this point. Keep you in prayers.
      Lost Lamb

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