They shut down, It’s true

You know its true this lamb has struck its hooves  into it’s mouth one too many times and when she does, that is when  the wooly animal seeps through the cracks. May not be possible to ooze anything through the cracks unless your bright red Kool-aid. It hasn’t stopped this lamb attempts since those days of first grade. More than forty years has gone by and still remember clearly kicking a gigantic brick red ball,  a loafer to her left foot assailed to the roof of the school.

Died of embarrassment, never considering this lambs mother was never practical with her children’s clothing. She was more interested in  looking fashionable over being comfortable and warm.

The slip of bleatings have been done  here in this post site that grew inside the lamb to quit. That is part of the lambs character. It doesn’t matter what caused the road to get rough the instinctive response is to run, hide , duck whatever it takes to get out of the spotlight of trouble or even a hint of a problem.

What shut down is an instinctive reaction? Don’t know if it is but its true for this lamb and it’s true for another. So it must be true, if not if you tell a lie long enough it becomes true.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”

Adolf Hitler quotes

Lamb looks around most times before speaking, weighing the crowds to estimate what their reactions are going to be. Then she will utter. A few times she thought and recalled a reaction only to realize when it’s too late that there is another perspective to what was meant. Nerves run a mock over her wooly back all the way to her pink nose. Sweating all night long into the morning when she curiously sneaks up to the computer and finds the sleepless night had come to nothing. No reactions and sometimes there  a word of encouragement  waiting. The lamb learns a lesson, that doesn’t last any longer than the time it takes to gallop away from the screen but the warm feeling did go with it.

Yesterday while chewing on blades of grass rich with health benefits (kiddin it was a bag of cool ranch Doritos ) glancing over the Nook filled with blogs and actually got all caught up in the posts. In reading saw many times people asking for comments. A few times this lamb has asked for comments, rarely does this lamb leave a comment behind. Some places are easy to jot a note others it requires a lot of serious thought, some need the guidance of the Shepherd and this lamb doesn’t have his message quite yet to pass on. Most times it’s juggling another baby lamb that takes her away.

Comments can expose too much in leaving a reply and that is a major reason to not leave any by this lamb. I exposed some of myself this week with the political topics. Hard to not get caught up with the up incoming elections,. So much is on everyone plates and it boils down this lamb afraid all the talk is that we are indeed approaching the end of times. If that is true this lamb needs to be firm on all four hooves.

You’re wondering where this is all leading up to aren’t you?

Well last night someone clicked a star for me and you know me! Went running to it and as I usually do ran to their blog site. I love new visitors and being able to see their handy work. The ideas and creative juices of others is food that nutritious for this isolated lamb. The blog site was one that was Christian taking a stand on her beliefs. I clicked “Liked” on two of her blogs.

This kind of takes me off the subject but I click ‘Like” more often than not. My judgement is rather loose on it and its based on if I make to the end of the blog its gets liked. It has nothing to do with whether I believe what you’re telling me. That part isn’t important. Honestly it’s not what is important to this lamb – bloggers work hard on their postings. Most you can see they sweated over it, gave it their all. Whether this one agrees has nothing to do with it. If I don’t agree it still provided food to be chewed on and I am able to decide if its good for me or not.

This lamb may be nervous over everything but what I am not worried over if my opinion. It may hide quietly out of reach of others but it sits comfortably there. It may be incorrect biblically but it is mine and I claim my opinions as mine, like a person should claim their opinions are theirs and no one elses. It’s what I love about reading blogs. People openly speaking where it’s usually not done without interruptions or being cut off my a non-interested listener.

Anyways this blogger took on a controversal subject based on her faith, now I have been tempted by the subject but I haven’t. One thing I know about this lamb is this thing could not handle the backlash. She did so, the interesting part is it was three blogs ago. I chewed on that blog and decided to make a comment. If anyone has typed on a Nook knows the pain of doing so. It was frustrating typing that out, wanting to console two bloggers. Done it before and it did receive a some tongue lashing for  it then it worked out and the writer is pressing on. What happened with this one though was as soon as I hit post comment, her blog site was removed by none other than herself.

She shut down. A strong in faith Christian was shut down because she could handle the lies Satan told her. He tells us lies every day and in every way imaginable and unimaginable. Maybe she like me hasn’t been on this path long enough for those roots to take hold of the foundation. I have done it and that is why I am prodding along at a very slow pace not risking sticking my neck out too far. She stuck her neck out.

Personally I read all her comments and there was not a thing in there to stop me, geez I would have loved to receive 15 comments and counting. Either your words hit pay dirt or you know that typing hit a touchy subject and she did.

As Hitler said you tell something often enough it becomes believable and we all know who Hitler was working for. Did he know his works were for Satan? Bet he didn’t, knows now that’s it too late.

Romans 8:31

New International Version (NIV)

More Than Conquerors

31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?