This shame is for my behavior and yep this is how I feel today. Yesterday so high this lamb was floating on clouds and moments later stuck head deep into a poopy pile.

Why would I feel this way? It’s not a question because the reason is clear as to  why. See ever since I wrote my blog about those little stars that pop up in the corner I have come across other blogs that had said almost verbatim the very same desire. Striving for our stats to be more than they are and the approval that come from that little lite up box with a star. Like Lay’s potato chips one will not satisfy the cravings. A bag may help until you set your hunger on another who is has more than you.

I began way before coming to this place, saw them in school gold stars for a good job on the school work. Trained and one can say brainwashed to go after such achievements.

This lamb rarely got those golden approvals and yesterday being nominated with fourteen other more awesome bloggings than my own felt incredible. Shouldn’t I be still be riding that kite? Well it came at an expense of not waiting on the Lord’s approval the one that should be sought with all efforts.

My nomination was wonderful but it wasn’t deserved.

I was a bully pushing for me when all of this has nothing to do with this lamb but it’s about another lamb who sacrificed blood and was tortured so that me who falls,  grumbles, whines and stomps these four hooves could become sinless before the Lord.

So sorry Jesus for taking your grace all too lightly.

John 1:29


” The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said,

“Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”





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