Dual Realities, really

After my projects were finished for the night and as par with a toddler in tow it went rather late into the evening.  A sighing time to settle into the  very last piece that is descent  furniture. I haven’t given it up because of a comfy down cushion and Riley loves being able to squeeze in beside me like Linus  with his blanket, she too carries one.  There really is one more of my claimed furnishing and feel it will not take much longer before this curio cabinet  is sighted on Shook’s. The hold out is, what would I do with the trinkets inside?

Well in my nonsense it was time to turn off my brain with a smidgen of hope I would get a good nights rest. My hot flashes were raging a full fledge war during my day and ran all the way up into my nervous system making me the Queen of the B’s. Not a good thing for anyone to be standing anywhere near when those grenades that unexpectedly go off from my mouth. Extreme hazard area, warning signs need to be posted. Not good at all.

My hormones were truly being tested as the little one naturally had trouble settling down, so I plugged her in for her dragon animation. Me this lamb went for my Nook to read daily postings and because of my electricity being on a funk it wouldn’t load. Sparks flew as I thought to read something different like a book loaded on there.  Stayed away from the bible study, negative mood wasn’t such a time to risk taking it out on the Lord but did choose One with Christ, left off at chapter 2 Spirit and Reality.

Toxic  venom taking over by not being able to relax as fast as I wanted and as I was afraid of could not even focus on the letters much less comprehend his message. The experience was like sticking your head out of a moving vehicle. Everything came rushing through and passed me in doubles yet it didn’t make it inside this pathetic head of mine. Dogs maybe able to breathe air coming in that fast me I feel as though I am going to suffocate.

His summary was this (speaking of the Spirit of Jesus )  John 1:3

” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.”

If I were to put Stephen Davis approach to reality here,  it would really take some serious powers of this lamb’s mind but since I was frustrated that I couldn’t get this though there isn’t anything difficult, other than being a tongue twister. Me the lamb resorted instead for sowing some roots that protrude from my behind in front of this tiny computer screen watching for the second time my Psych episode.  (Riley had finally nodded off, boy I was thankful )

The actual show is The Head, The Tail season 4 esp 15 not that it matters really because I can’t recall the actual dialogue that took place but it does boils down to this. Shawn talking Lassiter into taking that leap of faith. A  conclusion that everyone else including his partner has deemed as outrages, newspapers humiliated him by spreading across the front page Detective Dipstick. Really wish I could type what Shawn said because it brought so much back into this extremely bewildered mind.

See from what I am gathering from the book One with Christ, the book Butterflies are free to fly is that what we perceive as reality is not really reality but what we feel is nothing but a dream, or fantasy or our own contrived ideas are really the false truth.

Shawn’s character has nothing to do with the Lord or really the reality but what he said was that sometimes what seems a logical approach to getting things done is not always the way to get your answers and there are times when something is telling you to take a chance. Lassiter like me was afraid to fumble in doing so. Shawn said that will happen and admitted in getting  it wrong before he got it right. Though his methods were havoc on people perceptions he still found answers before another who used traditional measures did so.

We all know in TV shows it all gets summed up by the end unlike real life, but I wonder if I was to let go of what I have deemed the normal way to attain what I want and see that my reality is not really real. Maybe consider that my lambs sight could be flawed too.

When looking into the mirror , what do I see may not be what is really there. It’s clear to my eyes and in a round about way my questioning was some ways answered. In the manner in which I do things, through hoops and leaps today during service the paster spoke on a whole another subject a sermon on jealousy (think I needed that sermon, man oh man) He asked if we were looking at God with an evil eye?

So if I am looking at The Lord that way what kind of eye,  am I using when  peering at myself or to other lambs in the pastures?

Would that explain why for some people their dreams come true while others don’t? Maybe they see the reality that could be  undiluted, while like me has mixed in self-doubt. They have enough confidence in either themselves or the Lord’s abilities to answer them.

It wasn’t all that long ago this lamb would have argued about the existence of angels and demons to ever contemplate a different truth of reality. Thinking this lamb needs to really work on this dual reality.

Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,

faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such thins there is not law.”




One with Christ by GB Woodcock

Butterflies are free to fly by Stephen Davis



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