Shrieking Toddler, Sweating Bullets it’s all a test

Yesterday Lord, I am sure you were the one carrying this lamb’s swamped infused person because I was a goner. My body sweated in the way of the old fashion cartoons of my time. That old!  Face red as the cartoon figure is tied to a pole ready to be burned except I provided my own pot of boiling water.

On my facing of the day something stirred within. I went instead of sloppy but comfortable shorts to a nice pair of Capri’s a blouse over the tee shirt. Keeping a picture of my exterior looking better this lamb’s temper would be just as pleasant too. It worked until around the time of that initial shriek of Riley’s which was a cue for the heart palpitations to signal a return of the priors days of serious hot flashes. High notes of the child turned the hose on and lo and behold my sweating began for the majority of the day into the far reaches of the evening.

Picture a stuff lamb that was tossed into the pool and taken out flopped on the side and that was me. I can do this because I have seen what Riley and my own sons have done to their stuffed animals, anyways I was uncomfortable to say the least. Unthinkable to the point I took Riley for her walk in the stroller leaving behind hats, sunglasses, her shoes! And our water cups that were nothing but ice cubes.  This lamb didn’t notice one thing until Riley asked for a drink at the preserves gate three blocks away.

After that I had Riley run. She is a natural born runner and she had begun her whiny routine that comes along every now and then. Trying to think smart the lamb stirred a notion that there is one way to get her out of it is to run. I didn’t even bother with warm up exercises because clearly I was more than warmed up, what I needed was a cooling down but we ran the length of the yard. By the end of the night I did the math this lamb ran her little legs nearly 4267 feet, close to a mile.

After running Riley I began to create an outdoor area for her box turtle to hang out in instead of his glass house. He looked so bored and depressed to the point wasn’t eating. Already had a bricked in planter just outside my door. This project took most of my time and got my mind busy because I was getting to the point of not wanting to take my class for the naturalist guide in two weeks I felt it all was hopeless. How can a sweaty cranky lamb begin a project if I cannot even handle Riley? Don’t even go that there is no funds to do such a thing. Doesn’t mean I don’t want those classes. Just how it will happen will be interesting.

Back to handling Riley who is really a very good child for anyone standards including being my granddaughter but she can be good and the next tell you I know I know I know then throw herself onto the ground whining. Wonder where she got that? Hummm it could have been me? Throw myself on the ground, nah but might as well with how pathetic I got.

So while wrestling with Riley  I placed rocks into the area, making it look ascetic to my eyes. Riley the sweet child throws hands full  of  dirt at me. My answer is to take her rather quickly for time out in her room. She’d come out and I would get water flung at me, back in to the room. This process went on for more than 3 hours, finally I am done with the turtles area and done with Riley too.

I stood back looking and proud of myself I got it looking pretty nice for using only what was laying around and that turtle immediately began climbing out at every place he could. I’d fix one area he was already in another place escaping. Who in the world ever said turtles were slow? All I can say is they were out of their cotton pickin minds because this one’s fast.  And this lamb didn’t know turtles can climb and they do! This little guy is a cliff scaling cliffhanging Sylvester Stallone, minus the snow but he hung on the edge of death in the same cold calculating fearless ways of that movie. 

Now my area doesn’t have that feng shui deal going for it but he stayed inside all night.

For Riley she fell asleep on the edge of the bed returning to her angelic state, not the dirt throwing, water really like that what I needed to be wetter, not stomping up and down anymore as I moved her hair from her eyes forgetting all my frustrations as I too was simmering down in the sweating category and collapsed into my own bed.

For my lesson of the day don’t know if it were anything else other than it wasn’t me getting this lamb through the day. It had to be the Lord.

Thank you so much Lord and if I could ask for one prayer to be answered…… please turn off these sweaty hot flashes.

2 Corinthians 12:9

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

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