Please!!! I like my head stuck in the ground

This lamb doesn’t know where to begin but will attempt by taking this stab at my dream of last night which seemed to have fertilized a tone for the day.

Geez never have recited my dreams to anyone before not even when I have this one that involved a Moby Dick animated version of his giant whale the kind you see in the Saturday morning cartoons. Think I had watched one too many in my youth – all feelings and ideas stem from them which includes the balloon action above the heads of the Sunday comics. So yeah, kind of a messy way of facing things that come at me and like that whale in this glorified sci-fi dream that was laying on the shore up chucking poison from its big old tongue that hung way passed his mouth and if it touched you  – you were disintegrated by the acid. People all around were dropping like flies as I and my son were running and his eye caught every move I made.

It was so creepy and haunted me for days that when I happened upon a book store looked up books on dreams. Think I would have gotten more out of the tarot cards over those. They said anytime a whale is in your dreams its good luck. Seriously good luck personally I took  it as there was just too much gossip going around and that is not healthy. So I stuck with that. I hate gossiping and then when a group is involved in it I really do try to take myself out of it like I would go file, clean the toilet if it got my out of there and then there are times I couldn’t and that is when I am found in the middle making the gossipy frenzy take over.

Last nights dream had nothing to do with anything like that. See it all began before bedtime, recalling a blogger who had reminded me of what you spend on your last forty-five minutes tends to be what your dreams take you to. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box knew this, I know a lot of things but what I do not know is how to use it like I also know your dreams are ways of dissolving stress and for me it comes by ways of those running the gauntlet which just  happens to have phantoms behind you. They never say anything either just keeps me running so that I am awaken fully exercised and exhausted. Really hate those dreams.

It was kind of like that because for some reason thought it would be interesting by placing my mind on the Lord, had been chatting a short spell earlier about my troubles with jumping through all the hoops. Same old SSDD of week but it was verbally spoken instead of typed. Don’t know if there is a difference because it still is coming from me, just don’t get to say much other than will you stop hitting the dogs, no Riley they do not like to have their ears pulled, so this was a new to speak adult things. But we were talking and I was saying what I liked so much about the Butterflies are Free to Fly book is he says we are to ride along, Infinite I (God for me) is the driver and our job is to not questions or try to be a backseat driver just experience it. This maybe a good time to say that is what I got out of it could be wrong. But the author Stephen Davis explains He wants our reactions and learn to accept what has been given and not think in terms of what is bad or good. He said we get caught up in the idea of being bad we don’t move forward. Aagain this could just my interruption and  for me this is true, if I am being accused when I know I didn’t do it, in time I will do something just because everyone has felt I was guilty.

I had done this as a teenager in an art class, my friend and I took the required class mid-season of our high school year in college we had enough credits and high school was a drag we moved on. In this class which was all housewives the teacher kept making comments about drugs, sex and such and  he would look at us two. Hey we were pretty innocent but we got so tired of those looks that one day we showed up wasted on cheap wine.  See how I work!

So this friend of mine after all this time we’re still friends 35 years because of the unlimited cell phone plans,  haven’t seen each other in more than four years. Our luck in life is pretty much in line of if we step in poop it doesn’t come up smelling like roses, seen people who this happens to but not us and it was the same in my dream. We had landed a job decorating a restaurant. Jazzed is the word here – oh major point to be put in here with my rambling had forgotten this critical info. I had spoken with the Lord and said hey if you feel like giving me a dream on what I should be doing in life it would be really nice.

No one can say the Lord doesn’t have a sense of humor because my dream of this exciting job that I would really kill for especially if it were my restaurant, everything we did to the place ended up being a disaster. Didn’t matter what it was, it was wrong, dismissed or destroyed. We would collect ourselves have a laugh and start over to end up with the same results. It was one of those dreams that I could see the colors, touch it – it was so real. It was one those great visuals that I was so depressed when I awoke that I really had no drive to go to church!

I did and don’t know if I will go again. The preacher there is really good, too good today as he discussed the events in Israel that I had to look up and actually found what he was speaking on. Problem is I cannot handle my own mess that I have made like my computer two days the sound has dropped out. Done a system restore, no effect, downloaded new driver for the audio because it says it’s not there well it must be true because not even the download would work because they say it’s not there. Just like my dream that reflects my life if you want something to go haywire give it to this lamb!

Trust me I go into these things thinking I will succeed this time, like the dream it doesn’t so I sit here with my head plugged into the Nook which by the way saw a headline in the Fresh Pressed these things maybe inevitable they are evil! I mean evil, way too touchy can’t get Slacker radio on here because of Google being not compatible with this Nook, with a list of more than 200 other devices just not mine. Hate it! Bought two book for .98 on Amazon going back to paper, at least the pages don’t go flipping back on you like the Nook does. Would make a great tool for torturing terrorists.

Between my computer issues, life issues, bad dreams and I go to church to find uplifting sermon and I came back a bit miffed and getting out of my car cemented my mood by the crazy neighbor back outside screaming her lungs out. I ran with my arms full trying to get the baby who wants to play but I do not want to see any blood shed the sermon was enough thank you. I put her in her bed and I went to mine to stick my head back into the sand listening to lullabies that I love so much.

Problem when you take your head out of the sand it doesn’t go back as neatly as before, all the trash you heard wants to come in too and that is too much and completely misses the point of being an ostrich with its head in a hole. Hey don’t get me wrong if someone knocked on my door and wanted food I hand over what I got, given rides to strangers, offered my sofa to a few hitchhikers, taken kids in for months and years at a time on my dime too but then there are things like the Middle East what can I do about it?

Not much so I plug into Rage Against the Machine they have loud voices when they say what I am thinking in “No Shelter” I hand over my hard-earned pennies so they can tell them off and I get to listen from the hole in which I have buried myself. All’s well right?

No because of this path that I am on it won’t let me keep my head submerged. So the normal way of using music I had to climb under covers something that I never ever do in the middle of the day and it as the dream said failed because it all joined me. The potential Israel attack onto Iran, the signal of the end of times something about 7 years, me not able to control my emotions (could be why I like that book and if it were remotely true well I am doing a good job then because The Lord has seen quite a lot of emotions lately!) everything that I touch gets ruined, should I take that job or should I not? (It’s an on call type of work otherwise it would be yes, I am at this point I would even take a PSO job)  All of it came into my burial place.

Outside me preferring being in this place hidden or hiding which ever mood I strikes my fancy and though it is preferred to be nicely tucked in there, please dear Lord forgive this lamb.

Isaiah 55:6-7 “Seek the LORD while he may be  found; call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the  unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the LORD, that he may have  compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

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