Coming up for air, stunned!

While some know I took a couple of days off, really wanting to dig beyond what is me. During this time was given an award nomination by Tapish Gupta. Thank you very much for the Lovely Blog nomination.

Still having trouble going beyond the me world because someone out there may have really needed to hear they are doing a good job. Not too many of us get to hear that or often enough and this has sat for two or more days. To those who needed to hear it sooner I hope it is still timely.

In sending out the last award nominations discovered that some are perplexed in passing it on. This is understandable and takes time to produce. Things arise and I don’t want to leave anyone behind and yet it is consuming to piece together, so no I am not willing to endorse adding more entries into the bloggers pool.

One thing there is that I had picked up on and while I am usually reading through a Nook which is not a good source to fully feel the impact a blogger wants,  it is way better than nothing at all. Riley takes me away quite often so I had not come to a place where I began to see some of my usual sites were not showing up. It loads by 24 posts and I pick up when it adds them in. I follow way more than that and some of the names on my side bar are sparse to what I love to find for reading. One  or two who I did plan on placing here couldn’t even find. Maybe they are on hiatus maybe they left. If so too bad, did come to miss them.

So please enjoy your awards and for those of  you who missed out, I am sure your time will come around, sooner over later and it was only a matter of space because you do deserve a nod too.

Since I am trying to do the right thing and follow the format. (think I tried everyone’s patience with the last list) So to those of you who I extend this award nomination to, I picked you for your talents, creativity, adventures you are willing to take, your bluntness, uniqueness of your character in your recipes, or I just plain liked dropping by every now and then and you made me comfortable when I had gotten there.

7 things about me?

1. I like to eat – working on it

2. What’s better than eating? Cooking and yet I enjoy when some one else fixes me a meal and I don’t care if it’s one of those frozen Totino’s pizzas either.

3. Walks – parks, beach in the mountains through a mall with friends as along as I am walking

4. Rather canoe over jet skiing – like calms serene activities unless it is a rock concert

5. Family , my grand baby who is now resting against my back with a head cold, so sad when the little ones are sick. Friends are important and learning to place the Lord above them all. A bit difficult

6. Making things with my hands

7. My pets are my best friends that I can be with every day and they always welcome me as if they hadn’t seen me in years and it was only a few minutes that I had stepped away.

So I am passing this lovely award nominations to:

(I would like to place my reasoning on why but I think I tested everyone’s patience on that but just know those who didn’t get it once again it was just a matter of not enough room.)

For those of you who are receiving it, I love your characters seen on your postings, the talents in the photos the adventure, recipes that are usually unusual and  your just plain bluntness and fun when I drop by  your places. So many of you including those who are missing out are just great. Period.
















Yes I was stunned when I came back up and found this gift to bless others with. ;0


Psalm 4: 7-8

You have put more joy in my heart

than they have when their grain and wine abound.

In peace I will both lie down and sleep;

for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.






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