Doesn’t matter just as long as there’s dancing in the streets

This lamb wants to be dancing in the streets! I want to drag out my old 80’s clothes and hop around with good ole Mick and David. Doesn’t that sound really good right now, dancing maybe a nice fruity drink with a skewer of more fruits wedges and topped with those artificially colored cherries that must be devoured by this lamb in seconds of the arrival. If there’s enough change in my purse I can be found at the nearby Sonics just so I can get my coke with those maraschino cherries. Most likely could buy a jar of them for half the cost of picking up a cherry coke there, then it would spoil the whole idea of a treat. It’s not a special anymore if you could have it at your whim, need to crave it and have it out of reach then when it’s there it will not disappoint. A lot of good things life are like that. If we danced in the streets all the time it wouldn’t feel as good as when you stole the moments.

Dancing in the streets may sound like the crazy part but it’s not so because the park just a block away is having their Fiesta Days and they are doing it up big for a town with only 1501 people in it. Bands have been playing for three days and I will announce right here and now –  music has an awe-inspiring future because these local bands were terrific, totally forgotten while they romancing the night with tasty tones,  my son completely out of it in a hospital 965 miles away, that many miles out of my reach. It’s so easy to fall into this pitfall.

Stay in rooted in pointless worries, I know in my heart The Lord can care for him much better than I could, doesn’t mean I do not want to be there, or shouldn’t be there.  Have nearly two weeks when I will be there in the mean time this lamb is learning what it is like to be peeled like an apple, stripped of the outer self-protection that has been placed there by none other than myself. A shield against what is so grueling in this world, life called by so many.

Joyce Meyers I listened to when it got too rough yesterday. Topic was battlefields of the mind. Good title, my head was in the full throngs of a heated battle – this was before the music drifted through my open window begging me to come join the party. Her message was really timely and had so much to offer in ways for moi needs to be  thinking like the Lord, moving in His direction when your feelings tell  you otherwise. She went on at this part, knowing that there is a feeling driven lamb eavesdropping in the wings. Pointed out that we are addicted to “feelings” and that is why we miss out on the blessings of the Lord.

Feelings – this lamb has too many raw emotions hanging out in the open, after so many, many years of keeping them buried. These feelings were pushed, stomped, embedded to not be felt or be seen, now they are running a muck all over the place and basically making a serious pigsty out of this life. Moderation is key, using them and recognizing they exist or depriving like I had done and then go to the other side of overindulgence. One extreme to the next.

Good news in my listening discovered what I hadn’t understood before. See with all of my frailties couldn’t grasp being saved, sins forgotten which is why I have trouble with the do’s and don’t lists. Of course I have to get better, this goes without saying, took some pressure off by just placing it on the side lines out of view and even avoided all readings of what a good Christian needs to be doing and not doing, stuck with all things that were remembering to rejoice in the Lord and the Psalm 23 and well known and possibly overused scripture, it’s just so easy to recite.

It says everything you need to know to get through a crisis and noncrisis situations and the part – He restores my soul  – don’t know about you but I can hear Cary Grants voice there! Remember in The Bishops Wife tail end of the movie when their professor friend walks up those steps – rats isn’t that David Niven there? Humm I know Cary Grant recited it somewhere in the movie.

Now that I have droned on about the movie it has nothing to do with what I learned, it was this – I am saved and I am forgiven but by not learning to think as the Lord wants me to – what I miss out on are the blessings, the better life that is intended for me and you and everyone who takes this path. It’s not the being saved unless you never really had it and that can only be if you never really wanted it in the first place.

Don’t know about you but I am greedy I want both the blessings and the eternity with Christ. That would call for some serious dancing in the streets wouldn’t it? Maybe its time to dig out that song cover with David Bowie & Mick Jagger. Should be a good Christian song but I don’t see the harm in that tune, think God likes it when we are happy when we have too many reasons to not be.

Isaiah 35:10

“And the ransomed of the LORD will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them,  and sorrow and sighing will flee away.”  (NIV)

Somewhere in here I want to send a wave of gratitude to barrentoblessed, I was shocked by her post Thank you. There was my blog site with a whole paragraph on this lamb. Scared the lamby, not used to being noticed and the words were so kind, made little doodles on the floor by it. Lambs have no control.

I have  known all along and wished my blogs were more what they are supposed to be, even the video of Joyce Meyers spoke of acting as you know it when you don’t know it about the Lord. I have never been good at pretending, have played the game and I didn’t like it at all. So  it was really nice to hear a kind a word from  Her site by the way is one to run to for Christian encouragement.

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