Yikes the lost lamb unplugged

Actually no they didn’t, but well it did happen my computer and that fav tool the Nook were pulled in a vicious prank by that Murphy ( everyone’s favorite party pooper) So yes I am living pretty darn close to the dinosaur days of no electronics and with that new TV series Evolution yep that’s almost that way here and the withdrawals are really intense. In the beginning those first 48 hours were spent curled up in a ball, sweats, shivers and foamy venom dripping from my fangs. Think I now know what a meth addict goes through. I am only sneaking on at this moment so it isn’t over with.

So life without a computer in today’s life is nothing short of being cut off. I have as some of you already know I have no cable. The Nook recently began to start working again so the good news I will be doing some catching up on everyone’s life and thoughts. The day before the computer refused to reboot the charging cable to the Nook the part you insert to charge broke. For a couple of days it had a charge and it did refuel on my cells cord then that stopped. Thankfully it is at this minute working however typing on it for writing I would rather have bamboo shoots shoved under my finger nails. Horrible task, absolute torture that Nook is for anything beyond reading, and reading people’s posts is no picnic in the park either! I would be reading a line and it would flip up to another blog or back to the top. Now will say reading a book works awesome, mahjong works great on it too. Yet at this time something is better than nothing.

Many are probably wondering what it’s like going unplugged? Well after getting over the withdrawals then I progressed to resigning myself to the situation. It was at this intersection having to be working on my path towards the Lord, felt frustrated and yes picked on. This computer has my book that I have worked on for 2 1/2 years, and all of  and I mean all of my Riley pictures are on it, my resume and email addresses. Everything personal about me is there. Journals you name it. Though unlike a fire victim losing family albums in their devastating situation I can if ever I get the bucks have all of this pulled off the hard drive. They can’t. It’s good to look at things from various points to find the good side of it. I think anyways.

Resigning came faster than expected because I already knew I had serious issues with wanting more of everything, more stars, better stats and of course better writing to go along with it. All I could see was how successful everyone else appears. It is so easy to get caught up in the rat race and being plugged in with all the advantages has a down side. Sometimes too much information is not that good on the nerves. I was freaking out over the news, the sub plots plaguing America and the rest of the world. Listening to the politicians, the mass media headlines alone can drive a sane person nuts. I’d look at it and think God has it all under control.  Said firm and yet I was rolling these blues in yea right, look at this mess.

So I guess he figured it was better he just yank that cord on me. As miserable as I was wasn’t going to do it. I set time limits instead or I would say, no more reading the news or no more of this and it was addiction at its toughest hour. I couldn’t stop., neded the fix, considered standing on the street corners when the computer crashed. My corner of the street no cars pass by I was out of luck.

This lamb knew that while some were making great strides on the surface may not being doing so hot in the important areas, or maybe they are but they have been through life’s wringer and still carry the scars. Don’t know, we never know. All I cared about was making myself look better and hoped it would make me feel a better person for it. Darn that me problem always arises!

Well after those first few days passed boredom set in, searching for work the old fashion route is hard, cold calling is also so old fashion, people look astonished when you ask for an application. Library works great for searching not so hot for writing blogs. I take too long is the problem and that book, uugh!

My book has been a thorn too, I couldn’t get it read by my friends, and that is when I really realized how awesome of a place Word Press and it’s writers are. You people have done what I couldn’t get a single friend or family member to do ever. Get involved in what I am interested in. That’s right! I may have whined wishing I had more readers but in the end when you lose it all is when you really value the ones who did stick around and that was you guys. Now I did think you guys were terrific, that never left my mind not for a moment just had this greedy bug gnawing at my insides for more. That part is over because of facing the truth – a few good ones is better than multitudes. You stopped by my place and I dropped in on you, this was a wonderful arrangement. Felt like a nice click of friends. I miss it and I miss you.

Because of finances couldn’t visit places around the world like I crave doing but I could sit in my room with a tasty cup of tea or an ice cold coke like now sitting on the edge of this laptop.Oh it tastes so good in the company of fine fellows. Yes siree and then I get to read from someone who lives many miles and many countries away in comfort. I pretend I am there in your living room listening to you share your thoughts, dreams, hopes, grips, life how you are living it, how you hope to be living it. In all honesty if I did get to travel I am very shy, withdrawn really that I would miss what shouldn’t be missed in traveling. I am not interested in the tourist attractions I am interested in the person who resides there and it doesn’t matter if the country is India or a small town in Ohio.

Say what you will about the governments or the parties they don’t make up the people, the single person who rarely gets heard or has a say in what happens, but here that single person can say something and there are many who do want to hear. I think that is the pretty cool part.

Upsides of being unplugged are no news, then this lamb had come to the fact I couldn’t stop any of it even if I tried. Pray about it is all that can be done at this point. I did pick up a pad of paper and a pen and completely rewriting my book from scratch, maybe this time it will be better. If not I am getting my fill of those ink fumes. They don’t get you high but my mind travels better in writing. Weird I know. I know nothing about those TV personalities like the Kardasinians. Major kudos there.

I no longer listen to the pasters. Turns out for me another super plus in being disconnected. Working with the Lord on a one on one bases. Not praying for stuff just working on remembering who he is and being thankful. That is the bottom line in life gratefulness, I need to remember this.

Downside of unplugged is missing the debate then again I don’t believe a word they say. Do believe during ection time they do go back to being naive in their innocence in the system and the American dreams. When it’s done they are back in the offices and being hammered by the special interests groups and before they know it they are sucked in. Which is why we need to pray for these people.

And the other part is not being here.

Sorry no pics not my computer…




One thought on “Yikes the lost lamb unplugged

  1. i’ve been unplugged so long (without cable, smart phone) that i don’t even miss it, but sometimes i realize how out of touch i am with the world when conversing with co-workers with all the modern technologies:)

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