Getting lucky these days

I am on the net surfing like a mad woman and it feels so good to be sitting here writing again. What a thrill ride life can be that at one moment you take something like this for granted then the next it is the best high ever! And yes I mean high without all the bad side effects to deal with afterwards other than questioning when can you get this fix again?! Well who knows but here I am. Yesterday my Nook let me reblog Theresa’s picture and I did so because it does feel so good when you see a group of young minds being positive and interacting with their brilliant smiles. I think it’s infectious and would rather see this over the junk I see more than not. Would you agree?

Speaking on smiles and positive energy my test of breaking new grounds for my path has so far been really, really good! Will note it has only been four whole days, so it could be short sighted but in these four days have also dealt with more of life’s crap so it hasn’t been the breeziest of times for restructuring an old mind into a new one but it has been way better than before. If I do stumble on bad thoughts of not doing it right I erase it, throwing it right out of the window with the dirty bath water so to speak. My readings in the Bible may not be right but it is picked and chosen by finding only what lines praise the Lord and not reading the words that say I am unfit. They say we are not to do that but at this stage of my game it is the best I can handle. There could be a time after I have built a strong foundation to tackle training that well rebuild who I am – for now this will have to do.

It does bring a question in mind when I did come across a blogger’s post on Christians leaving the church and their thoughtful concerns of missing out on the fellowships that offer support to their faith. This is a deep very noted worry for many believers and one of the reason for why I had begun this posts. What I saw in so may others I wasn’t getting it. People spoke about their issues but then they would say how the Lord answers their prayers and fills their wholes. The Lord has not really answered my prayers and my whole was growing wider and deeper. I wasn’t getting it and I certainly wasn’t receiving any support from the churches either. First of all they never approached me, at the beginning when everyone exchanges greetings none of it was sincere nor did they even acknowledge me. They warmly greeted everyone around me but not me unless I looked at then long enough they had to.

Now that I am away I am not being reminded every Sunday of just how invisible I am. As a matter of fact a gorgeous butterfly greeted me on a path and followed along the trail for a good length of time this made me feel not only happy but special. They are very timid like I am and we found each other. My three dogs and kitten think the world of  me and so do my birds. Riley my grandbaby also screams and shrieks loudly when she comes around a corner and finds me there. So I am not intolerable, so why would I go some place that makes me feel so unwelcomed?

For the Lord I have hope in Him building relationships that are unique to everyone and what fits for one does not fit for another and I think I feel pretty lucky to be able to praise Him in my way which is the best that I can be is to smile at the grace that He offers.



4 thoughts on “Getting lucky these days

  1. the shape of our churches is sad to me. birds of a feather flock together even in worship, and it makes me wonder how will we integrate to worship Our Father in Heaven? that’s one reason why i don’t like big churches, because i don’t understand how you can fellowship in a mass crowd. i prefer small churches, and that was one of the reasons i stayed at my last church as long as i did because it was small and the people were not just polite, but friendly. Our Father Wants us in His House of worship, so i want to feel as if i belong there:)

    • the problem is more me than where I go and because of my gripes came from being in a small church. T explain this – it was new with the members branching away from another well established church and in Big Bear the town is what you can say a high school atmosphere if you belong then your in the click if not you’re like me left behind. However if I was a strong personality would have broken through but since I am not find the same issue recurring. My only thought in joining a large church was there would have to be one who would have invited me in but then I did pick up that they were rarely involved with each other, Service over they all scooted home very few stuck around chatting for any real length of time.

  2. Your post saddens me because I know the feeling of being in a church and being ignored when it is time to greet people, I’ve felt that all my life in church. but I didn’t let it stop me from going and greeting people. One day I even asked the Lord why do they act that way, He said they are flesh and they don’t always do as I tell them but don’t harden your heart. You do what is right in my eyes. And that is how I deal with people like that. As yo mentioned about your prayers wasn’t answered can I ask you how do you know that God did not answer them? I know you know that God answers on His timing not ours and He also don’t answer the way we expect Him to. The church has allot of growing to do but what has helped me was I try to block everyone who wants to act evil out of my mind and I come to get a word from the Lord. The best way to handle people like that is ignore them when they want to act ugly and pray for them because God can handle them far greater than we can. Just today I posted a devotion about being the hands and feet of Christ one day the Lord is going to set everything right but until that times comes you and I must continue to do what God says is right. AMEN…one more thing I want you to remember this there are some very nice Christians in the world who really does love people and it’s no act they are very sincere. And I thank God for those saints because they are there when you need them they don’t sit and judge they act on your behalf like we should and than they pray with you. That is what Jesus did when He was on the earth. I hoped this helped you in some small way…

    • I have to apologize for taking so long to reply, without a computer Nook can read but writing is a nightmare. I will give your comments some serious thoughts. On one point I feel invisble at church, never consdered what happened as to being evl, ts just that people are so busy and so many have no problem wth projecting themselves and this seems to be necessary now a days to gain ther attenton. I am shy hence not able to do ths and since this is the case it will be quite sometime before I try it agan. Too many things have gone wrong and have far and few success stories to draw any strenght from. Sure I understand the Lord provides this – I haven’t gotten that far in trying once again. So I will have to stay on course, learning to accept this lot and enjoy the small moments until I have gained some strength. Thank you very much for the imput and will take the advice with all seriousness

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