Where ever I go there she is!

Lately is seems I cannot get any where anyway from this pest! I round a corner and there she comes smiling and waving at me. This can and does drive one nuts is all I can tell you.

Have you ever had a nuisance shadowing your every move before? Pretty frustrating experience isn’t it? I have moved jobs and changed professions there she comes, in through the door as a customer or as a fellow employee. So what can I do but alter my way of thinking in hopes she will be more likable. This works for so long then one day I hear that nauseating laugh and it gets me right between my good mood and turns it to sour.

Worst part is I wish it were just a person to dodge but its not, it follows everywhere because it is me that is so annoying. A reminder from a good blogger in her response to my post of being lucky. It is true I have been blessed with great fortune while I still have grumbled on all that I had in not’s. But you know if you keep running across the same problems over on top of others you have to take a good study into the mirror and the only answers that come up on the glass is the one you are looking at. In my case it’s me. So sad to say but it’s the painful truth.

As much as I hate scolding myself that is a job that must be done! However in my day what number 6 feeling really great outside yolandarose’s post about dreaming of balloons. Those colorful sphere’s on strings came into my dreams now I must take my leave to find out what they are all about. I am not afraid of balloons then my phobias are speaking to people with whom I haven’t met and rarely contribute to even those I do know if the group is more than 3…. Humm maybe that’s why I am not popular at parties or churches….humm…


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