About last night in October

There is a difference in the night when it comes to October than at any time throughout the year. I am slinking under covers for what will no longer be occasional as it has been the last few months and this time layers of them have been added on to. Even my sleep feels their weight and becomes sedated and so are the dreams – these are too made to be more serene, delightedly curious and interesting.

When I am awaken the crispness of the air that is breathed in is done so by taking a consequential measure of it before these toes of mine are snug into a pair of black fuzzy sleepers. This lamb climbs out from those thick comfy covers and scoots towards the kitchen to make a fresh batch of hot tea and when the money is around it’s Lipton’s infamous boxed yellow brand. This beverage that is drank all year long – tastes so much better in October and is inhaled with relish and gratitude.

I had mentioned before something profound a washes over me when the fall comes within reach. Just knowing this happens is truly astonishing but when it does unravel inside of me I so easily had omitted all the benefits. Then they say that the fall is beginning of death when the spring is for renewal. For this lamb it is reversed then could it be I am treating my life less carelessly?

Then I don’t think anyone really takes October for granted like the other months either. You see people gathered into toasty homes shouting instructions and cheers for their favorite teams. Families are united for a change with the assorted sporting events and the ovens are in use and cooking up comfort foods. Summer dinner plates maybe filled with health and lovely colors don’t conjure up comfort like a pot of stew does. Then again in October you can really have your cake and eat it too by the warm days and chilled nights that aren’t too chilly for the barbecue.

October offers more than the amenities of homey foods, you can see that the Lord is outside with his palette of colors going to town on His landscape. Butterflies and the birds are jovial before taking flights for the south at least they are here in the deserts of California and they are not alone with  all the bird enthusiasts freezing in their frames the mastery of His artwork.

For most of the year my mind is filled with all the worldly things – the problems, the gold that dangles for my attention and then suddenly home becomes a priority then I am inspired to use my hands for creating something out of nothing and before I  know it my thoughts have swept away all the cobwebs and it works so much better that way. I can think outside of myself and move them  on to the children who are anxiously awaiting to put on their costumes and knock on doors for treats. They giggle in the  fields standing next to these happy pumpkins bigger than them. Parents too are not squabbling with the youngsters and are in the hay rides reenacting the days of their youth.

Sure you can blast that halloween is the devil’s day if that is how you want to look at it. Same goes for all the ads on the radio and TV trying to get you to spend your hard-earned dollars at their establishments by using the annoying side of family life while watching the games. These sides are all a matter of how you look at it. Same goes for November we can enjoy all that fall has further to offer except it’s so hard to do when you know the second Thanksgiving is over its time for the started pistol to fire off the frenzy of the Christmas shopping. December other than the first silent night of snow is stolen by this need to purchase what has been lost after that unwrapping of the gifts.

Winter is for hibernation ahh! It’s for shoveling snow endlessly and freezing your tushie off unless you live here in the desert then we get to go outside and play and go for a drive to the snow. There I can leave when it has been enough of it. I lived in the snow that is why I have chosen the desert! The snow always had the audacity to come down not on my days off but on those working days and really had a barrel of laughs after I had the driveway cleaned off so nicely.

Spring sure its renewal but as with so many other stuff I don’t get it right and miss the whole renewal and then summer is for frolicking in the sun but none of the activities draw people together as October does. Maybe it being able to see the Lord’s hand in the leaves of the trees, or the scantling of smoked pine coming up from the chimney’s. Could this be from the baking of apple pies or then maybe knowing it won’t last for much longer. Coming to an end that brings the Lord and our focus back to where it should be on Him and His works.

I don’t know much about last night in October but I did enjoy all that it had to offer.

Hebrews 13:15

Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name.




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