Moving up 2 days in a row!

Yep sirree on here two days in a row. Miracles do happen! Problem with yesterday after taking what felt like hours in writing the post, the internet or the computer don’t know were taxing my patience and it collapsed when it came time to find out all of the juicy news on WordPress. Think I managed three bloggers, such a let down and that Nook is still iffy. Must be the high winds and a small town the lines are above ground not underneath like in the normal cities.

It’s all a test and I might be getting a little better, tried and failed in getting those pics in. I have so many adorable Riley photos I want to show off and can’t get them in. One day that will be all anyone sees for days, her sweet little pumpkin face and no you will not get a shot of her in the devil costume her mom put her in that first Halloween!

On the other side of blogging that has been inactive I had taken a chance on writing a poem and here is the second one in which I will make everyone suffer under. Just have got to find my cadence in the words to get back to constructing stories.

A Day

There was a day

a moment

I had a say

it was a quiet spell

time for reflections

to tell

in order to make the corrections

By speaking

that doesn’t hang by the tongue

chiseled curves in lengths of long

worn by the beatings

Then to tear down the impulsion

built by these repeating

renewing my convictions

isn’t this to be decreed?

But who will this be?

the one to repair misguided foot steps

would it be me

the creator of the mess?

listening for the voice

looking for the guidance

through the void in the noise

could there be allowances?

i need ears given to the deaf

needing the words for my illiteracy

please before the hailing of death

can this my idiocy?

But this is the repetition

isn’t it?

a completion

of my cycle, circling the hit


are keys

keeping focus raised to the acquisition

so the goal could come with more ease

are the needs

there will be a day

a night

that I will say

to my guiding light

at the end of the long dark passage

and see what couldn’t be seen

understanding the unyielding messages

lurking behind the scenes

The words full of mercy

thankfully for someone like me

who worries in misery

even when all that hasn’t to be done is to believe

There will be a day

a moment

I had a say


Overcoming ill wills

in the peace

in the day so still

all my broken pieces

they had gone to a well


There was a day

a moment

see Jesus Christ

Our Lord

my Savor

he had my broken pieces


showing me what was brought

giving me favor

over what I had sought

There was a day

a  moment

He had a say on how He fought

so I could be saved

Because there was a day

He took up the cross

because of my bad ways

so I wouldn’t be lost

He suffered the nails

that I wrongfully caused

and it should have been my wails

on that day

that will never be

for the believer in Thee


Out Lord and Savor

found in Him.



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