What came with the November breeze

November is so different from October and if I were to do a comparison study it would be way too unfair for November.  One thing I detest about this month that time change. Dark before 5 pm rolls around? Please that alone ruins it! Thanksgiving should be awesome – not! For those alone or always having to work it. Which was my case. When the kids were young I was at work, now they are grown I get an incredible reminder of my status.

Not to make out November all bad, the walks on the path are interesting, plants rapidly take on new looks, fewer people but the one that are there are serious and have the cameras ready to catch that last breath before winter closes in. Cooking up heartier meals helps make up for suddenly finding forty thirty a good hour for snoozing. When the boys were young made my life much easier getting them back indoors, lacking employment and any hopes of landing a job before the EDD runs out, I just want to escape through the dreams of a better life.

About now you are wondering what came in through the breeze of November?

Good time to and the place it all began was just the other day. I had to take that dreadful drive to the DMV. So yes I didn’t expect to notice anything or have an experience worth blogging over and here I am having a chat over it. First thing once getting into the DMV’s parking lot were actual parking spaces and this mind you was way past noon because I was not too keen on coming mostly for the reasons of not wanting to hand over my small volumes of cash. Hard enough to pay the bills then getting unexpected costs gets my goat.  So here I was in the no appointment line, in which when I did get to the front he suggested an appointment for the next day, guessing they didn’t have much help so I took advantage of his kind gesture. Completely ignoring how it used up fuel. On my way back took a different route needed kitty litter, stopped at a K Mart.

This was the beginning of that November breeze, the store was frightfully so sad. Parking lot kind of full, and must have been vehicles belonging to employees, One checker and no one in line and customers well let’s just say must have been hidden, didn’t lay eyes on more than two other people. Everyone knows they and Sears are in trouble, the rumors have been going around for years and let’s just say I possibly these could be more than rumors now. The store had the same feeling as Woolworth’s, Cornet’s dinosaurs of my youth.

Names could go longer but what would the point be? They are history. Of course all the news is the poor old Twinkies and Hostess products, the brand names of my youth vanishing. Why would this matter so much to me? I can’t recall the last Hostess product purchased by me, didn’t have them in my cupboards for my sons flatly because it wasn’t in the budget. As a seventh and eighth grader Twinkies and a hot dog was my main lunch, the staples very happily replaced my brown bag lunch that was prepared by me not my mom. She rarely ever got up to see us off so no I was sick of eating PB&J’s.

A lot of products and ideals have gone to the way side, problem is it’s November and having this information breezing past the vacant trees and dimly lit afternoons drives another nail into the coffin with more notice. Doesn’t help when my skin has this reptilian appearance, ruining any possible thought of being young anymore. I don’t mind not being in my prime anymore and would set with more grace if I were gainfully employed making up a viable citizen, is all I am saying.

However like the plants that are now showing very little in life when they are really storing up energy and they do have solid plans to return more gloriously than they were before the months of winter. So should I right? Wonder if I could do it as tastefully and as graceful as they do? Hummm?

As much as I hated saying good byes to October and it seems some of the products that had pictures of my grandmother, my father, sister tied to them, the easy life of my childhood. Sure there was pain attached to all of the above there was a lot of good times too. Even in those taboo T.V ads of the Marlboro , Lucky Strikes and the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer that have been gone a long time. Do you think the grandparents felt this way when Neil Armstrong took that first step on the moon? Hard to keep up with the November breeze these days, isn’t it?


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