Tapping my way through therapy

Tap tap here tap-tap there a little there more here and yes I feel so much better today. It is like a heavily soaked veil has lifted away from me and it didn’t even hurt.

So what am I talking about?

Well last night there was an empty slot of time, too early for bed too late to take a hike with the packs of coyotes in the area so I snuggled up with my own set of pouches and the Nook to do a little  research for self-help books that they carry for this device. The cool thing is I can download samples. Not the same as browsing the aisle which is much more pleasurable but this can be awfully convenient. Plus my furry cuddlers were very pleased to have kept me nice and warm too. I sipped my honey laden tea and clicked on book titles.

That initial click was for a book about self-help and the cosmos. Now I had to give that a spin especially when it said it would be the last self-help I would ever need.  Titled “Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book” Here it declares confidence something that I am on the quest to find. Yes siree to gain that right to belong and it is by the author Walker Percy.

Well in those free pages were vastly interesting and it can be said to be absolutely truthful in how we know more about outer space than we do about ourselves. Don’t mean ourselves as a whole but you the person. I know nothing about me anymore. I can recall what were my past loves and dislikes but can’t put all the pieces together to get a clear picture of what that means. Like reading the synonyms for the word wallflower or the definition of it being a person who retreats mentally as said on Thesaurus.com. Interesting and hope to investigate this book further. At the moment hard too with the money situation.

Next book was “The Get-Over-Yourself Self-Help and Other Essays” by Sylvia Shawcross. Opening was about putting this book together which had me do a ton of skipping for the time being and got to the meat and potatoes of the book. Well written naturally and I do have to admit more of my books lying around my home and would be more if they were handed out like  delicious candy are of this type. I collect spiritual, mental help so on.  One that had been forgotten until my recent mission began, discovered it too had been given aways “Women who run with the wolves” good book. Unusual but will keep you moving on to the next pages. Author is Clarissa Pinkola Estes, popular book a while back. For Sylvia Shawcross book, since I skipped over her creation of the book had only these couple of pages to work with. As I said well written, can’t say I know where it’s going to in self-help department. It wasn’t very expensive on Barnes and Noble so it will most likely be picked up to for a good read. It could end up being very helpful just hard to see at this point but the opening should provide lessons on writing and drafting a book so it has a double bonus to it all.

I had downloaded nearly eight book samples and I stopped on the third one “Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing” The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need” by Gloria Arenson MS. MFT. During my process of downloading  began to see a pattern of books stating this that they were the last book needed. If it weren’t in the title it was mention somewhere in explaining the contents. She happened to have placed a five and simple together making it seem like a breeze for healing. Oh that nibbled on my mind like having crossed the perfect pill to drop ten pounds painlessly. All I have to do is 5 easy steps and my emotions are all healed.

In reading the comments they gave it four out of five and said it was good in content, interesting, helpful just a touch hard to understand the method, her lesson is Meridian therapy. Hadn’t really heard much on it before. Had been aware of acupressure and the Chinese methods of balancing energies, didn’t know the name may have been what was missing. What she said in those few pages hit the nail on the head so to speak. I have felt in the last few months a blockage. No place to narrow down on just right where it was or what was causing this. I was dizzy, turns out my blood pressure meds cause dizziness so I had to deal with it because not taking those pills does take a toll. I know because I did try last week.

Have you ever read a few lines and knew that they were talking about what you couldn’t express? Gloria Arenson did and I am so glad that I had ran across her book last night. Will get the book how have no idea but since I didn’t have the thirteen dollars for her went to YouTube for further information on this. There are a number of videos explaining this process and one that was easy came from EFTalivehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRq8o1MEUtU&feature=plcp titles How to do EFT Tapping therapy – EFT basic recipe.

It calming to listen to, it does take thirteen minutes to watch all the way through. Shorter than a book but it could all depend on your time if interested. What I can tell you is for four days my left ankle hurt badly. There was no way to place weight on it and walking it off wasn’t working.  Have no idea on what brought this on but today after trying it out last night and then this morning took my walk around the neighborhood. As for last night slept like a baby.

Rarely do I follow instructions verbatim what I had done late last night was after watching the video and duplicating his methods for about four or five times moved on by myself. I turned on soft piano music meant for meditating. Took deep breaths remembering a guru stating one of the things we do so poorly in life is that we do not breathe correctly. Had to agree with it knowing that under stress I tend to find that I am taking shortened breaths and not exhaling all the way out. So I listened to the music with very deep gulp of air and letting it all the way out then came the tapping.

Hard part is the phrases to be said in the process. They like it if you state a problem phrase example he used was ” I am afraid of the test tomorrow then follow it up with but I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself” emphasis on the second part. He rates it – on the start you find the number of how much fear or negative energy using a scale of 1 to 10. One thing that I did find by surprise and did like was his honestly in saying it works forty to fifty percent. He didn’t claim 100% then again this is the basic recipe like most things there are more to it and that is why I need to find out more on Gloria  Arenson’s book.

When this morning came around felt wonderful and still do for that matter. Did the process anyways, not realizing that my foot felt terrific. Turned on soft music this time Christmas O Holy Night with acoustic guitars. Very relaxing sounds came out from my nook device(hooked up to speakers) and went in for the breathing routine then began the tapping. What was different was this time – not following instructions felt that this was more an elaborate form of meditation except you have something to do other than trying to keep you mind wandering around. I cannot mediate my brain doesn’t shut up long enough to focus. Chanting alone got extremely bored. This wasn’t boring my mind was busy being coordinated in tapping and expressing a phrase and breathing it had no time to jot down notes for the grocery list or where did I place my reading glasses last night it was focused in.

Going off the grid went with this for a phrase “Begone you negativeness because the Lord is with me and loves me” taping long enough to verbally get it all out. My wrist was tapped then side of my hand moving up to the collar-bone, chin, under the nose. Felts good as it moved up to under my eye, side of eyes to the eyebrow then ending at the top of my head. Repeated it three times the length of the songs being played. Then I stood up for the next songs being played and stretched and breathed. By this time couldn’t even recall what I had been so negative about.

Today not only do I feel all that negative energy gone, my foot in good condition but it has a slimming effect too. Haven’t lost a pound but that darn heavy bulge seems have disappeared giving me that I just lost a good eight pounds overnight sensation.

I am sure what really worked was the time spent stating the phrases ” begone oh you negative energy” following with the affirming “that the Lord was with me and loves me” clearing my head, body and soul giving it a good house cleaning is most likely it but I intend to keep this up and once I got it under my belt plan on checking out that guys other website for finding that love when all else has failed. Humm..

My mission is off to a grand start don’t you think?



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