Unusual Boundaries

87794199There is something magical that happens when writing a blog. Don’t know why it happens but it does when you least expect it. It doesn’t even seem to matter if anyone has read these carefully chosen words or that you are trying to communicate deep down thoughts, fears, desires or even a humorous story. All that seems to be needed for this brush with intimacy of magic is your heart tucked inside its unusual boundaries.

One of the things I love to play with on a computer is in the word program. I tinker with borders, playing with paper appearance which is  spending more time that what is really needed before beginning the actual task of writing. Dolling up that backlight screen from its boring stark white to unimagined spectacle can be so much fun. Here I can’t do that but once the writing is done it can be a blast searching for the perfect clip art to explain what is the motive in trying to bring ideas to the surface.

Lately this lamb has been missing out on that part. My thrill in recklessly looking for random pics if there is time allowed is shortened. My writing has left too many typos because of not enough time allowed for proper proof reading. All of this I miss outlining plans, basking in the creation process to communicate.  Even with these hit and misses of subjects and overall effect on others there has been times of receiving an unexpected balm in the healing by sending words out into the open wide blue spaces.

The experience can also be an nervous act in getting undressed to room full of people. Scary, humiliating situation. Being so exposed is inhibiting. Then you look around and they too are down to their skivvies and you can see that no one is looking at your flaws because they are worried about their own imperfections and ashamed. A bond has somewhere in this crazy world formed whether we want it to or not. We may not agree with each others  topics, like how it is said but the subjects can and are so personal but that is the ticket isn’t it? Blogging is the only time we can be so true to ourselves that kind of personal.

I would love one day to move from writing about me in these 100 posts (just saw the number my gosh didn’t think it would be made but here I am blogging for the 100th time ) anyways wished I had moved towards a more opened avenue in interests but for now find hope just in having just this little space to be the only thing I know – being me.

            Matthew 2:10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced  exceedingly with great joy.

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