Bright and sunny day

imagesThat chill  has been lifted by such a friendly sun today. I love bright and cheery skies and it has left me light as a feather within my tired old joints. At this moment I am enjoying the freedom away from a ghastly cold front of this past month. A little blindsided for I purposely deserted my beautiful mountains community to avoid that winter breath so bitter and savage to my constitution. Lamb was very surprised by the contrast in the desert going from blazing hot summers then it relinquish itself into such a piercing cold shredding right through my clothing. Having to admit before this year did find out that this was true only I hadn’t dealt with it much – outside running from house to car then into my place of occupation or on those shopping slash chores expeditions.

But this lamb didn’t bring you here to talk about the weather. Since we are not really on one of those awkward blind dates trying to seek avenues for conversations. Actually most of the time that is how it feels when I write on here but that is outside my point because today this lamb needs to announce some pretty astounding news! My day opened up under a sun residing up there in the azure blue skies I got the much awaited email! It said that tomorrow will be the day I begin working on the script! A little scared that at any moment I will be leaving peddle rings on the floor with all of the excitement that message has created and thankfully no one is around to see it if it does happen.

In this heart o f mine know that the plot is solid. Figuring out how the movie should open is still a puzzle to be crafted. The thing is with this news it means if I don’t go and blow it that is- there will be a real live honest to goodness person to converse with! These last six months I feel as though I have been locked in solitude confinement and no longer will I be going over dialogue with my pets or for that matter a two-year old child who doesn’t have a clue anymore than the dogs and cats do. My birds do whistle once in a while but I think it’s a secret attempt to appease me. for more bird seed. My only hope is there won’t be doing any of that gushing stuff to frighten this daring human being away.

Gushing all over people isn’t my thing because I am actually reserved if looking for a good personality description, shy would follow that. It’s been a long dry spell just hope it gone for good. I can’t take any more days without contact but for this one day it doesn’t matter  – it means so much by having been given hope through a bright sunny day and a morsel of striking up a friendship in tomorrow. For now don’t think anything more needs to be requested.

At any rate I have been pondering for the days and weeks and have decided that since I rarely have good news to offer, I have decided to let this blog go. The world has too much negative energy and this lamb maybe lost doesn’t want to contribute to it any more. My quest for our Lord has been tough on this one and I do not have any answers nor has there been anything worth being given out by this lamb. Neurotic Lamb will stay active because it offers nothing to scare any believers away just an outlet so I can play with what interest me – writing, music that hasn’t even been listened to of late.  The thing is I didn’t want to let it go without thanking so many people who have stopped by – you have been wonderful! Thanking you once again with sincere gratitude I  hope every one will find so many bright and sunny days ahead.

Lost Lamb


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6 thoughts on “Bright and sunny day

  1. Awesome post. Its tough when we are on a search for the lord. i feel it too. it was sunny and wintery all at ounce. There was something about the warmth of the day that did make me feel close to the lord.

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