Disappearing into the highways

Boy have I been away from an arena that to me hosted provocative and exciting adventures and it has been for far too long of a break. Sure I hacked and scratched missing out on skills needed to do any good yet somehow mysteriously trailing on this avenue it motivated a lonely and admittedly a lost lamb into expanding her mental horizons. That’s what was found in this amazing place in WordPress.

Months have passed since I’ve been here. Not as a reader nor as an amateur author. This is such a duration contemplating whether anyone who has crossed my way are still around is a game of sorts. Endless enquiries racing my mind. Such are these like are you still here? What kinds of joy or misadventures has life dropped into your laps? How did you handle the crisis that came alongside path and were your prayers fruitful or was there a discovery, the depth of your foundation on faith? Are you still coming up with great antidotes and stories? What kinds of parental advice have you given to avoid insanity or crafts to keep the little humans busy on hot summer days? Those of you whose photography I have enjoyed are those pics surfacing to the screen?

For those who may have wondered briefly where I’ve gone well I have been from California to Maryland to Laredo Texas back around to New Jersey, not to mention have experienced what it’s like to be chased down by tornadoess, sleet, pummeling hail and rain. All of this has been in the name of trying to earnbucks as a truck driver. Seriously financially the money is hard-earned and not much in bulk not enough to handle the bills.. But one has got to begin somewhere and that usually is at the bottom. So this is where I sit there at the various truck stops on the back roads of America.

America is fueled, stocked and brought together by truckers carrying food, medical supplies, computers you name it I hauled it the last three months. Do I like being a long haul driver? Not really! Men have it much easier they can pee into juice bottles and they do I can’t! Just imagine trying to pee into a salad bowl your pants around the ankles squatting on a moving ground. Then a bump or a braking action where your bare behind is shrined against the windshield. The least you’re sitting in your own urine. Not for me so I wait and wait holding on so long that I am running like a mad woman. Did you know that double clutching is impossible when you are squeezing your legs together? What’s that I heard you are not slip shifting some of you might be asking? Hell no not when all I can hear are my blatter complaing and threating to release humiliation and when I do. get to go I believe it’s a dream.

Bathrooms are not the only prohimblems and yes shower
are a problem too! When it comes to bathing sponges and bowl work…for a briefly. I find five days it do esn’t do so well. My skin is pure crap from lousy food, not drinking enough water and whole body cleanliness. Sleep dear god is a nightmare. There are two choices to sleep…one is in a harness strapped around like a mental patient or go without. I cannot handle S&M motiff so I don’t gear up for bedtime. Have I been tossed to the floor? You bet! I get splashed around like a bouy on the ocean. Would I still harnessed up? Yes . Incase one asks would I be bouncing off it too and the answer is yes that’s correct. In the spirit of slumber I go netless risking becoming a bloody hood ornament.

So why go on with this profession? Losing ones standards is enough to run home with tail between my legs except without funds there will not be a roof. What good has come from the experience? Well first of all I am totally dependant on God. Eighteen wheels terrifies me. The damaged a tractor with a 53′ foot trailor is capable of doing brings out the willies out of this lam. It may be good to step away from security embracing a whole new lifestyle in learning to lean on the Lord. I miss my grandbaby I miss my son who needs to get checked out for cancer and here I sit at a truck stop. They aren’t as bad as one pictures but they are not great places either. In Dallas we were sweltering im the triple digits and completely ran over by cockroaches; today I wait in a cooler climate of Denver.

When the clock tolls times we exit this place for Kansas City challenging space and
time to drop and hook another load bound for California all with less than 24 hr turn around.
All of this pushes my limits finding out just how strong and vulnerable I can be. Hardest my really be my relationship with my codriver. He’s great well not all the time then again no one is. My middle child my son comes to mind. My son is emotional, he’s emotional I hide emotions. Backing this big ass trailer brings tears and howls of misery and he looks adoringly at me rescuing with action.

Living as a good sinning less person becomes more pressing yet there is absolutely no way I could perform my job without him. If it weren’t for him dozens of occasions high tailed even if it meant hoofing.. Gotta be greatful and trust this routing in my life no matter how much I disappear into the highways and byways.
Who lnows when or if I return so please forgive the typos did this on my phone and it took hours of aggravation s.


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