Flip flop? My mind flips topics like it was toilet paper!


I have access to wifi …yippy! Now for the goodies that my mind tosses out like that stiff found beside the commode. This lamb can go controversal by digging into the heaviest of them abortion, gay marriage or which way to put up the rolls of paper towels. Do I want others to tear the sheets from the top or from underneath?

Or should I jump into the political debates? Oh boy tough one, huh? Medical coverage for everyone or not? I’ll admit it I do want coverage for all Americans but should I trust politicians with my well being? No one in any party has given me much to rave about when it comes to their performances. So yeah as much as I welcomed the discussion I have since ran away with my tail betwern my legs. This debate can go forever and this lamb would flip her mind a dozen more times.

Well what about taxes and edication? So what have I done with taxes and a childs education could keep any one armed paper hanger busier thane ever. More taxes? Nope they didn’t do so well with what they got why hand over hard  more earned bills? This could be one of the few subjects that has not changed sides. Monies easy like that you know; where schools and government involvement can get complicated real fast. Schools being funded without hestitation needs to be number one. These kids are this country’s future and somehow they get lost in the numbers game. If I had to raise my sons all over again home schooling and working with satellite programs would be my choice. This is a complete change over! Before I worried about social interaction that I closed off a world of possibilities leaving my boys with a government education. Now this isn’t all bad don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with schools especially if the parent is well versed in the curriculum and get in up to their elbows. I wasn’t. I was shy my sons needed more attention teacher changes etc and I wasn’t formable enough to assert those changes for my own children. Today my cares are more about what kinds of morality are they teaching?

Morality wow biggest of the biggest and I have mauled over changed twisted until I couldn’t even today explain what my morals are. As a teenager spoke eagerly with enthusiasm on the topic. Today I tippy toe. I have convictions mind you just more inclined to not hurt anothers sensitivities. For what I do have sums it up each of us will one day stand before the Lord. We will all have sinned; we will be very dirty in his eyes and our own. We will be frightfully ashamed and yet for those who love Christ Jesus he removes all that filth! I think that is pretty dang awesome! Don’t you think so too?

So my aim is to never flip flop like I have with worldly subjects when it comes to my heart and His love for each of us. Dirty, disoriented, we lost and go astray so easily and he still gave His all for you and me.



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