Thank you I really do like your nlogs


A few places are worth getting onto and one of them is WordPress. I find this to be one of those little treats in life. You know the rootbeer float shared with a close friend or the sound of your granchild’s giggles. No matter my mood my granbaby’s chuckles will lift me up as well as does a  visit with a buddy. WordPress makes an excellent substitute out on the road so far away from family and friends.

My only qualm is this all I do is through a phone. Awesome to realize just how much a simple cell phone can handle. Limitations are decreasing daily so given it’s short comings these issues are around a corner to evaporate.

About these limitations of using a cell phone which is slight is still inconvenient for me. See I can’t follow new blogs and there are alot of times  my ‘like’ responces will not work.

This seem trival considering I could have nothing at all. I could keep on ignoring impulses to respond then again I know how bloggers are serious, thoughtful in taking painstaking efforts to place a best foot forward. Their hearts and mind hold an inkly of hope that this crafted idea or story will connect with readers. This is the disappointment for me to not be able to return a like and its a further drag to not be able to find more tidbits through following.

As  far as my new venture in life these items repeat themselves and not just in writing. They are in my thoughts, and in my heart of emotions . Its just a few words but they are rolled over and over and one of them is this..Missing.

A sad little  word that’s tainting what should be satisfying emotional reasoning yet missing leaves my state dissatified when the end of day is replayed at bedtime. Missing means I can’t be with my family, missing equals to the  friends I haven’t seen,  missing the  WordPress world by not connecting as I feel I should.

I haven’t seen trodtrippin she a fantastic photographer, motherhood is an art, my kids sure they are all grown up but she makes laugh recalling her tales. I thought for a few years I’d never make it but here I am and all intack too. There are so many to list each would take more than this phone can handle.

One blogger has reminded along with so many others is this word. Its small in ways but carries power over the negative effects of the world. Grateful. …So this  needs to be pulled out not just for refection periodically I must remind my heart to be that always counting my blessings.

Even as I sit in this yard after taking a trailer full of lettuce to WalMart before the sun rose tired with that lettuce still filling up my reefer. Its there because tbey are in boxes not on plastic trays. So what happens to all this food? Will it remain there until it rots? So I rapidly forget grateful and dwell on that other word – missing. Only if it were solely about those missing meals. No nothing that forthright it’s more about what I feel entitled to! Completely forgetting  that I  have a codriver a partner where before there wasn’t anyone there., working yes it may not be what I want it is a job which does mean my bills aren’t exactly paid but I do not miss out on too many meals.

Such effort to keep trying to rebel against my ugly nature. Though I may not understand why I am a long haul driver or if this is all apart of God’s plan. My mind can’t wrap around saying constantly ‘ A trucker seriously is apart of God’s will?’ It’s all hard to say but being grateful I know is the whole reasoning for my life or anyones I presume on this of course.

Somehow I must be thankful for all of His works even when the tides are against me as they are now. This is the area I need to dig in deeper for corrections. In writing this it all has this proper sound all the while the inner battle rages that I want it all.

So where does WordPress fit onto all of this? I miss you all as much as my family and friends. I see you as apart of my friends as I sit sipping a cup of tea reading your stories, tales of parenting, what happened at work, the best parts are always ones about how you  made it through  hurdles. Some of you express how problem solving prayers work  and if not found peace anyways during trials. Some of you have quick wits getting several chuckles rolling up from my gut. I miss you the bloggers I had become so dependant on for sanity sakes.

The best way I know to pass along a thank you is by clicking on the like button. That seems to not work lately and getting my wifi to open this refreshing stop is a task in itself.  So here it is thank ypu for all you bloggers do. I love your intellect, the ability to share mishaps, ideas and ideology, recipes for cooking and for dealing with life. Some have followed me and they are very brave indeed, thank you.

You the blogger hand out more than words on a screen your the laughter roaring from my belly the teardrop in empathy. I find this to be a neat little niche to escape to. Thank you to you all!



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