When is it right to say no?

We are hearing a ton of rhetoric on  Syria. Obama says poisonous gases were used on their own people. This naturally has me desiring to run off with his intentions of fixing these poor people! Then I look at all the moral decay of our own governments decisions so I must ask. ‘how much truth is there?’ We’ve been lied to before why not this time? And just who is the liar this time?

But who are the liars I ask again.  Is it the UN who said no to our president?

United Nations is an organization who’s mission is one I agree on yet it has done very little to help solve problems and it has been said this UN is to play an important role with New World order we hear so often about.

I  disagree with any attempts to bring about New World order maybe wrong here but it spells the end of world. My thoughts negatively explode with why are they saying nope to Obama?  Isn’t it the UN’s job to save the helpless? Or is it a  apart of this grand scheme that I feel is an evil Satan style agenda?

England declaring they will take no part and then injected how they would not be surprised if Obama goes ahead with attack when all have said no. I have to scratch my head when England doesn’t line up with us the United States.

His he wrong or right? Obama?

This president has fallen out of favor. I feel alot of things hes fought for have been a battle mostly because the Republicans want control and what better way than to make the current party look so dreadful to the voters eyes.  This alone has sickened my taste buds for all politians.  They seem to have zero concerns for the citizens of this fine nation unless its election time. We hear talk rarely do we witness any of their promises fulfilled. So getting  behind him our president can’t do anymore then again who could I get behind whole heartedly?

Back to my fears my guts reaction to these government officials in my book are scandalous. What can I say? We need health care and look at what they came up with! Fines for no coverage? We all want health insurance what we cannot pay is 500-900 a month for it. Then the nightmare provisions of these rumors of death panels. Are these rumors have truth or are the rumors liars too?

So many lies so many aweful  things have come along in these tough years. I am a designers assistant out of work  for years now a long haul truck driver. This is not me and there are millions of others like me working in fields we never dreamt of and we are the lucky ones. Many many are going without work without food or a roof over their heads. I just now saved my roof that I was being evicted from because of horrible wages.

Should I have joined the compaign of fast food worker needing a decent wage? Answer quickly pops up yes! But all that would happen is higher costs so in the end they the worker still lose while corporations profits are in the billions.

Corporations with Politians always win where citizens pay their bills. Just how deep are our pockets?

I have nothing left over for me so am I basing my no because of costs? Rapidly  back peddling to politians lies they have rained down on us.

I want a no because I don’t trust our officials. It doesn’t feel right and I can’t resolve myself to figure out just how to find the truth. Are Syrians being poisoned by their government? Why would a government benefit by killing its own people?

In the United States as a driver seen miles of GMO fields, seen the cattle sitting in filth so thick the air can be seen and the smell well is noxious. This isn’t healthy. Might explain cancer all the deseases people are dying from.

If you feel no is the answer please tell our president Obama. Don’t just complain, do something there is little time left to be complacent. America cannot afford to be idle. Support him or say no sitting on the fence isn’t action. We need to let them know that we citizens are here.


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