Thinking and thinking not much else to do but ponder what is life all about? Is it really necessary for me to be huddled inside the cab of a rig holding  corners down of  pavement at a truck stop? Why, why  can I opem up a couple of blogs and posts sparingly yet cannot make likes or comments to appear?

This is labor day wouldn’t it be more beneficial to be at home with my grandbaby over this truck lifestyle? I can go on forever with lines of guestioning of this nature but we all know that answers seldom come.

Left with no answers walked my dogs imagine illegally through a corm field s couple times between wandering isles of the Flying J. I  am not a shopper and if I were would have felt I was thrown into a shopper’s hell inside this store.

Flying J is an adequate truckers stop, not as well stocked as a Pilot marginally better than Loves but  all of the above superior to a TA. TA’s quess are fine fof nick nacks not so for this driver. Well today as it was yesterday holding the asphalt dowm at Flying J. Yesterday the task was easy I was exhausted had driven all night from Victorville Ca to Moundridge Ks. I thought when I got to California I was going home after fifteen days on the road.

Exhaustion I feel is bone weary as I picked up a gift card. Nice card actually gorgeous if I could afford it there would be very little chance of finding stamps and less a mail box for sending it off. Crawling back into the cab for hibernating read the few posts in my following lists.

Subjects seem to follow a central idea and that is God is in control and has us right where he wants us…..stuck in a truck at a truck stop? So I think some more…why?

Well I better hit the sack never know what yomorrow will take me to.  Before I go  would like thank those who have chosen to follow my blog. I can’t even get a good friend to hear my writings and a few of you have been kind enough to do so. I do love to write and would give a left arm to be better! In the wish department if I could formally offer thanks to you but my cell isn’t quite capable of doing so.

My thinking won’t shut off and if by some luck

one of you find my answer on why I am driving this truck could you pass the info on? If I stumble along one of your questions on life I will do my best to pass it along too.



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