Waiting for that sound that’s all mine


Waiting takes patience, so does typing on a cell phone atleast for today I have my reading glassed. It’s incredible how I lose items like my glasses inside a small space but I go days before they turn up. But this nlog’s subject isn’t about losing my stuff its about enduring waiting. Or are they really one in the same?…humm think there’s more to this.

I don’t believe enjoyment abounds being placed on hold. The calmist person looses cool when their call is routed to hold. Anger could be blamed on sitting there listening to computerized jazz music or simply named elevator musak. Tortious sounds entering sensitive eardrums well can elevate hatred for being on hold.  In life there’s no soundtrack when we are stopped. You wait in silence without cues on when it will end.

When it comes to this background ambience I’d go with …..ah oh can’t come up with a happy tune. First song to mind was the Beatles ‘Ticket to Ride’ it’s got a catchy beat lyrics are down right depressing.

Difficult part of choosing is that my music preference is heavy rock I love it! Absolutely love it and being on thr roaf there are some really terrific stations! Inbetween those great ones are the complete opposite of great then there’s static.  Lately I have been turning the Christian stations on.Sometimes its by choice too. Could I go with a soundtrack from this genre? Possibly  for now I couldn’t but when I do it will be upbeat, the kind that will put a jig in my step.

Do you feel it’s important to have a positive beat to live life through?

Reading helps me out but music stays completely in tack. What I read gets jumbled  mixed in ways  its lost. Meditating on words is a disaster. My mind won’t be quiet. It roams and strolls there is no hold button for me. My life goes on hold real well not my brain.

Holding in this holding pattern of my life will continue until I figure it out. Accepting it could be vital. One thing, for this lamb acceptance lasts until the next strife encountered. How do I hang on to acceptance  being able to find joy in isolation of being on hold?

They say trusting in God, allowing Jesus into your life brings joy woth a bonus of Hom filling in the holes of your life. The thing is I do believe Jesus is my saviour, even as the words in the Bible are lost on me.

Will I be kept from family and friends until I do get the Bible? The idea has me in tears as I type this out. I miss my family my friends who I haven’t seen on years.

Well they do say the Lord doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Can I handle enough to deal with this? Not much of a choice is there. So I will continue to look for that happy beat you know the one that has you hooked from the get go. There’s no question because your name is written in the rythmn that’s what I want for my soundtrack. So in waiting to get off of hold will be seeking out musicial beats to dance my life through. Not such a bad quest is it?

This pic is my truck  where I reside



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