Far Out


I revel in the nearness of a cozy blanket. That spun yarn plush in comfort, oh to be wrapped up in it beside a toasty fire sipping coca as an old classic film protrays what I feel emcompasses a good life. Delicious!

Old vintage movies such as Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope movies including his road pictures have this magic of removing worldly stress. The blanket begins  unraveling my raw nerves with a coy invitation, nestled on the edge of a camel back chair where it speaks to me saying ‘ come take a load off by sitting a spell’
Instinctively I want to but can only give in after going over that to do list. Ah but when I do that list seems so unimportant when my joints in my back and knees are thanking me. It feels good it feels dang it right as a matter of fact.

Those days seem so far away. No more is there a cosy chair much less a throw to snuggle under. Granted summer doesn’t call for that kind of soul and body repair. For me summer calls for a big shady tree a cool stream is a delightful blessing but tender green grass suffices just fine as I listen to birds songs while chilling out doors. I love a good book to crack open after a fill of pillowy formations. A little game looking for animal shapes them my mind settles down to read. Guiltless relaxation of summer, I cool off my body’s knots come undone as my brain is fed. Fall and winter’s comfort may not be as beneficial for the mind it does wonders for my spirit!

Well I am far out here completely away from my comfort zone. Today to not make it so cumbersome I cooked, nothing fancy egg cheese ham sandwich. That’s it but oh what it did was reversed. Finding my harmony cooking it wasn’t at all! Only thing that came from that trial was how I had not managed to pull all my hair out is surprising. This is serious  cramped space no sink had to dig up soe cleverness on cleaning. Can anyone quess why I am gaining weight?

You can cook on a truck one we had before had a table this doesn’t. Doing dishes was daunting on that truck worst on this one, so my favorite hobby has become an annoyance.

So what am I to do to gain back not only my comfort zone but to get some zeal back into this life?

I’m still playing photographer with my cell phone could be one day I will grow up and get a real camera?




Comfort we all like that place, don’t we? I do and it wasn’t easy coming clean with my partner on how much I detest and fearful I am in driving. It turns out he loves driving. I’d never guess it when he’s chewing out the other motorists as if each one has a personal vindetta against him. I think it’s both humorist and aggrevating.  I as a driver respond as when I was once them in automobiles. You have no idea what a difference it makes when you are bigger, heavier and cannot stop on a dime no more. Like today I had to make a quick turn on a small street no vehicles had been seen for a good ten minutes or more. Not until the turn one tiny little vehicle was up so close to my large booty of the trailer. If not weren’t for the shadow as I watched the back end would not have known. Brave person as I thank God for watching out for the both of us.

I have to wonder why am I out here, what is my purpose in life? What does driving a truck offer this world over me doing what I’d rather have for my life? What I would give to ask God directly since getting a responce that I understand  went somewhere else to find these answers.  I am reading a book. The author knew his calling was singing and playing guitar. That’s cool as  mine seems to be can I get to a rest stop before humulating myself kind of purpose. Most animalistic behavoir I can say. Eat sleep, pee thats it. Like right now I have got to go but the truck is being unloaded one cucumber at a time but I have a job so I must be thankful.

Thanking God is something I do all day and night long. I should be more grateful than I am after all if it weren’t for Him I couldn’t do this but I don’t like this driving thing. It appears he wants me here way far out from my comfort. Since I can’t seem to make lemonade out of a lemon think I’ll be stuck a long time.

Can I do this without losing my mind is the question…



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