Oh it’s my day?

I leapt with joy reading our daily prompt ‘Festivus for the rest if us’ah to think me a ruler! What a scream but oh the thrills of allowing an imagination to roam free. Free to be in charge  with a devious mental state high on alert mode. Would I bring chaos or fix it all?

So now that I am ruler what day shall I have all you my subjects to pay thee?

Christmas being around the corner why not  make  it take over? Humm love the idea. Color love the hues in use and it’s everywhere, strings of lights decorate our homes, trees, nooked into creaves. Even me on a big rig see rigs glistening in Christmasy array of colorful lights.

Ribbons, boxes and bows bring out a hidden child forgotten most days exceot at this holiday season. Music in the air unlocking past and present friendships reminding us what’s truly important.

A joyous occasion to be sure it also a very costly extravagant affairs. Costs us dearly until tear drench wallets are empty. Then there’s the preliminaries, stress. We know we cannot afford gifts but the hardship of not giving is too much to bear so we head on juggling bills what ever it takes to not show up empty handed. So no I cannot take away nor add any more burdens besides this is The Lord’s day in celebrating the birth of His son Jesus Christ and I don’t think he expects us to turn a glorious day into a hardship.

Maybe I’ll try for spring, Easter seems like a fun day. Adorable bunnies, yellow peeps to eat not too great to taste but they sure are cute. No basket can go without. Outside weather in the spring being all to iffy Easter also belongs to The Lord a day we should honor fully, it only cost Jesus His son his only child blood, pain then finally death so that we may live. I don’t know where bunnies fit into this day but I certainly do not.

I could leap back past winter into autumn. Fall leaves, scents of fresh logs in hearth drift outdoors when the air becomes crisp as apples. Yumm to the apple pies, pots of stew and home created soups easy to digest and we can hide the delishes meals by layers of clothes. September to December personally my favorite but busy times what with schools getting started, raking up leaves, more involved meals, more laundry by those extra layers. We must not forget costumes for the little ones at Halloween, deep house cleaning for guests arriving during Thanksgiving. No Autumn doesn’t leave much room for me.

Summer does follow spring right? You know there’s something to be said about summer. This is the only time if the year where people accept that one must take a time out, a reprieve from the hussle and bussle of the rat race. Weather tends to be counted on and not too warm if planned early enough. Late summer hot as hell but perfect for pools, beaches and mountain retreats.  So what day shall this ruler pick for being celebrated?

Ah yes this day is best I tell you! This is the one day not too hot not to cold never asks for gifts or for too much participation unless you do not enjoy pot lucks or BBQ’s. I happen to relish them so I am going with the Fourth if July. You got all the colors of Christmas in patriotic bunting. Flags wave freely as bunnies during Easter. Food abounds all seasons and holidays as much it flows from charcoaled grills celebrating the birth of a nation. After the feasts we  lie back on a blanket scented by lush green grass waiting for the sun to be replaced by a moon. Then comes so many oohs and aahs for firework shows.

If I were ruler if it really up to this lost lamb I think this is how a holiday should be! A special time with friends, dear family making it easy relaxing and soothing for the soul.

I’d ask for the fireworks and the festivities not for me as a ruler but as a joint effort to pay homeage to the one and only ruler, the only one who has control. Food for returning what blessings He has bestowed. Fireworks well they are awesone like Him, powerful, awe inspiring and just plan magnificent like The Lord himself.

This is what I think He intended a time of togetherness, glorious joy of a child who had given His life so that we may not have to live in darkness. Well I not know too much  I am as guilty of turning a charming very special event as Christmas time into a stressful guilt ridden human mess. Since I am weight down with faults I will relinquish my post as ruler and hand it over to my Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.


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