Underneath an opal sky


This morning there was a sigh seeping from lips before climbing out to meet the day head on. The harsh cold had easied up on my opening of the cocoon disquised as a truck. I needed to run my fanny quickly for the infamous rest room instead  another sigh was muttered by me. This time it was for relief being in St Joseph Missouri. The chill softed by a warm sun; wind was absent until after my lunch. A break in weather gave my mood a lift much needed these days.

I think the other healing ointment to my temperment being more pleasant came simply through sleep. Yesterday I was a mess then by around noon bitterness seethe. Anger would have been apart if it didn’t require so much energy, this wasn’t to be. Ten bottles of the Five Hour couldn’t get me to budge another minute. Bitterness is work I know all too well but it was sealed within when a parade of trucks kept me from parking. As annoying as they were  a prayer was uttered to stay put. This itty bitty prayer was answered, we were there until a reasonable hour this morning.

Day in day out all days are the same. I get up I drive or I wait to drive. This is all the variation it gets. I wonder what this can be all about, then I must stop, thinking is a killer to my mood. To take my mind off of the mundaness I search  outdoors. Internet is ususally not available wishing it could be to write topical blogs. It’s not so I can’t. Facebook manages a way to work and if you think my posts on my job  are bad you’d really hate my opinion of Facebook.  Anyways to sum up my day my cab is dull.

My partner as in my better half and codriver he is the best and worst for me. He’s awesome which means I’m  driving. This makes him the worst part because otherwise I’d be long gone. How long can we last like this?

Can’t think, thinking is the real enemy to my situation. Outside I stare. It worked this morning wedged on a twin mattress with my dear and two dogs. Up in the skylight a flock of geese passed by. I stayed put watching them go by then reappear. After my lunch we got going again bound for Amarillo Texas. Another grouping of birds moved my attitude wishing I could be as carefree as they.

It worked for a while. Searching the outer world for birds. I’ve seen falcons, raven, hawks golden eagles and my favorite the geese.  My least favorite is the owl. One great owl ate my cats. Not a violent person but I did have plans to have it meet it’s maker. I didn’t do it and as far as I know that owl is still eating cats.

When there were no more birds to be seen a sunset came along salvaging this lamb from murkiness. There’s something quite spectacular being under an opal sky as if heaven could be stepped into. Me being on the road as a passenger thought my partner could drive inside the pearly gates. As a driver paranoid one to boot I miss more than you think. Eyes on the road, I sigh. But wait another hook yanks me out. In Wichita Kansas a church steeple lit beautifully ah it’s so lovely. My cell tied up writing and it doesn’t do night shots well either so I cannot share with you. So here’s my opal sky over Kansas.







Yeah I got a little snap happy.


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