A Rare Movie Night

downloadFor the last decade it’s been rare to be a part of movie night and there I was part taking in cinema feature. Exciting to have a break from the norm and it’s actually when the movie happens to be like the one I saw. Though I would have to say exciting has elements which seem to hold tingling sensations tainted in confusion.  When one like me has had to get used to dragging a fifty three foot trailer everywhere she goes and it wasn’t there in the back. Strange experience yet completely satisfying to not have this huge butt. As for the movie night if one can’t be with family and friends for Christmas this was a good choice.

A movie was a last minute decision realizing we were heading back out by my co-driver slash partner. I was set on spending my precious time catching up on what I have missed by not having wifi. It wasn’t easy but so worth it.Getting this day of Christmas off wasn’t a simple task and had to actually to put my foot down to receive this break. Months on the road is driving me into the loony bin.A foot stomping temper tantrum isn’t an action to be proud of but it worked to get what was emotionally and physically needed.

Deciding on a movie can be tricky when you’re cut off from the world. I’ve seen no trailers or articles of recommendations so I went with what posters were appealing. Wolf of  Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio, intrigued by the casting of Jonah Hill and Colin Farrell. Then there was Grudge Match instantly I think of Rocky meets Raging Bull. Almost did it but either one were hitting the do it button. Same with Saving Mr. Banks. That one not understanding why not when you have  Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. Though there were some very good choices I went with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and may I say not only it worth  it it was the perfect film.

tbn_28dd37a4b93b9e21The Secret life of Walter Mitty is the right kind of movie for my taste buds.These kinds of film do what good food does, it feeds both the body and soul. This movie was delicious for all the senses, my eyes were feasting on locations; dialogue so nutritious my cerebral and nervous system were in use while being relaxed in giddiness.

Years ago I managed a video store and unlike my current vocation where I feel defective there at that store I was in tuned to the last Hollywood productions. Today I’m lost. What made me successful I think was in my ability in directing people towards smaller films.

Personally I enjoy plots getting into characters, where we try to understand all the whats, why and who they are. Problem is these tend to have little action and not enough for most I suspect. For my customers who came to me this is what they were after and I tell you I would have steered those people towards this particular film. To think back I would have turned all into The Secret life of Walter Mitty because it has everything for anybody.

Ben Stiller out did  himself as director and actor. The casting perfect, filming and photography and scene settings outstanding and there was not one flaw unless you count it having ended and tomorrow I am back on the road. Too short. Film wasn’t short it was more than a couple hours but they breezed right by and was sad it ended.

Well I gotta go, tomorrow comes all too soon and it will be a long time before I get to sleep in a non moving bed. So as in the Ben Stiller’s movie I am going to move into dangerous territory by having decided that by January 31, 201 I will be out of that truck even if I must reside in a tent in the middle of the desert. Life is way to short to spend time in an occupation that leaves one in tears each night and I have shed a tear every single say since it all began. That’s a long time and after spending a day with my grand-baby I’ve missed too much already.



First pic – clipart found on Google along with second pic from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Third pic is of my grand daughter



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