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I have been gone a long time,to the point it was forgotten that these paths were crossed before. Word Press is and has always been a great affair, one of my favorites in looking through the follies. Days and nights have gone by in a blur with the way this world works at keeping it hectic, Word Press is a blessing. When I was involved I’d carve out a piece of quiet and type my thoughts, like now.

In my office the phones are quiet (yes by the way I did find a away off that truck and not a moment too soon might I add!) my phone gave this little whistle yesterday. I answered a few calls with curiosity on what was being brought to my attention. Business had to be taken care of and in it’s course the little tune was forgotten. Today’is quiet, a pin could be heard descending to the floor. That tune played it again and there it was Word Press. The joy in seeing those two little words! Then finding out that someone found my blogs? A treat to a quiet world, just me and the clock ticking. Naturally given nothing better I jumped at the chance to see what was read, Hearing Deficit.

Yes Word Press was good therapy and it is also a place to remember where you were. I am so much further than where I was then but some how have gotten so much closer to God. The truck did offer shelter but little else. The idea of having a partner was exciting until I counted costs, this didn’t even dawn on me until the other day. That temporary fix was nothing more than a placebo. Just like Our Lord foretold,the side effects were worst than ever imagined.

All that was wanted was love, to be acknowledged that I could be alive as it’s sold in movies and commercials. Even I who is currently working on a second script leave out unpleasant scenes for time sake and the knowledge that movie goers go for escaping into a world totally unlike their own. Truth we don’t want, fantasy is desirable and that was what I wanted.

Satan lies so well doesn’t he? It seems like a reasonable choice, trade in loneliness to get someone at your side. There would be no price paid if anything the offering would be worth so much more. Tired alone, plunged for the love, Satan snickers while I began to pay the bills for sin.

I had heard of Satan ever since the days as a Catholic school girl, pictures of him are scary. As an adult told he’s really rather handsome and slick with the sales pitch. Thought his spiel would be recognizable and it would be a lie if I said I didn’t recognize it; it was just my desperation winning out is all.

Today, yes I am tired and I have fallen further than imaginable but I am no longer desperate, Jesus took care of that! Now I look forward to what else He can fix. Jesus is the Lord and Savior to little lambs as me and it’s a good thing He’s strong, attentive and patient. There’s a lot of work for Him to do in this Lost Lamb.

There is is also truth in what’s said about Lambs. They do not survive well on their own, yet I’d rather be a lamb at my Saviors side than a lion on his own. Beside male lion given a choice will eat their own young.