Why the Crazy Title Learning My Path Towards God?

Why the weird name and what am I about? At this moment  have no idea other than it is a must that I take this path. A path that I have come kicking and screaming but as the Israelites were being cornered against the Red Sea with their enemies approaching so am I in similar situation . Except mine of course is without all the drama that makes a good movie or even a good story for that matter.

I would like to consider myself a fairly typical person  unwilling to give up the few things that I love such as heavy metal music, I dwell on anything with great lyrics and rock music especially if they are talking about difficulties in life. Bands like Tool, Stained a list that I could go on and on about, I know in the end it will have to be replaced with more wholesome music. It’s not that I find them all that unhealthy they make me feel unalone in the harsh world (Don’t think unalone is a word but that is how it feels in my heart so I am leaving it even though spell check hates it there)

I had started close to three months reading from a radically different book on how to read think to free yourself of  your burdens that were either created by myself always by ourselves its just gets a helping hand by the world around us and as different and as far away from the word of the Bible it helped me to put the Bible in perspective, far away from coming close but before I has the sinking suspension I was the unwanted and unwelcomed guest at the party. You know what I mean by it? You know where you were are accidently invited like Charlie Brown’s character in Peanuts and he ends up at the Halloween party as the model for carving a pumpkin, it was that kind of feeling when I did make it into church and when I opened up the Word. Lost a horrible feeling and this feeling traveled everywhere with me, to work into my relationships even with my three sons.

It’s still here, a hard shell with many layers to be removed. So in an attempt I thought blogging my course would not only help remove these layers less painfully would bring about discipline to reform new habits, fresher cleaner mind that can hear the Word and not just see it.


10 thoughts on “Why the Crazy Title Learning My Path Towards God?

  1. Sometimes we are drawn to things inexplicably – yet we know we “have” to do them. So long as no one will get hurt in the process, I’m a fan of trusting, taking the action, and letting whatever is supposed to happen, happen.

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs (http://threedailydelights.wordpress.com/) – I really appreciate it! Good luck to you on your journey – wherever it may lead. 🙂

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