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Thin ice


Most people I mean the ones who are fortunate to own half a brain and then use it. You know those kind of humans are causious even avoid it when there’s thin ice around and this is the opening season for ice.

I love those squared off chunks in my beverages in a tall glass…humm so refreshing! Nothing like a Coca Cola  poured over frozen cubes, like a child I rush in to vaccuum up all the tiny bubbles before they disappear.  More often than not a chilled soda pop does the trick.  Then there are days like say this one where I could give my left arm for a margarita doused liberally in  Corralejio tequila (my personal favorite.)  Outside my day needed to be closed much earlier than it was drinking isn’t my style and prohibited by my trade. This though it may not be me it still goes on with all the don’t get to do lists. I swear this tally is the length of my right forearm and this is the reason for not giving up this particular limb for a binge. That arm is way too busy tracking what I hate about my job, don’t even want know what it would takes to make a transfer so the left side of me is expendable should I ever deside its worth letting go of, for now I’ll keep both arms firmly attached and the fermented agave in the bottle.

I sure have a nasty habit of going wayward in my blogs, guess you can see why I called myself the Lost Lamb. So to get back on course which is this winter’s embrace. That kind gift of ice it so generously embellishes everything it can get it’s frosty breath on. There’s icicles beauties to behold, geodesic designs on window panes bringing a cozy warm cheer and what about how it forms into sculptures using tree trunks as their foundations a fest to look apond. Oh how I sighed passing frozen ponds imagining old flicks of skaters outdoors dressed wearing plush ear and hand muffs just like Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Posts. This lasted less than a half second of being lost in make believe memories.

I enjoy a good fantasy and to have it shortened by a meer second is just fine in my book but what makes it go away was well I gotta keep my eyes on the road especially to the  ugly side of beauty in winter. Yeah there’s a true hideous nature held in its infamous doings… black ice.

Yep I said it black ice. We all know it those who have lived in weather. So like everyone else I hate it with a passion. Hate is a strong word I know but I do have tremendous respect for the power this kind of ice welds which is why I tend let it have it’s way. It can have all the highway and walkways at night as I avoid being out when ever possible.

As a single mother this didn’t work out so well avoiding winter and as a pizza delivery person not at all! I ran out into the storms while all others came indoors. Now that I am driving a truck this should be no big deal and to say it isn’t is a bold face lie. I am terrified. I’ve seen the consequences of being out in nasty weather. I’ve also dealt with the impact of inexperienced drivers on black ice. I didn’t like the results then and it doesn’t sit well with me as a beginner truck driver. Oh rhe accidents I’ve seen with rigs.

Personally I have no idea on how anyone gets any satisfaction out of this line of work. So far I cannot win for losing. Runs are always behind, never making deadlines. Sometimes its in scheduling, usually in my case its getting loaded phase that places a dent in travel. At this moment being unloaded at one causing another new load to be on crunch time. Last load its all of the above and them some.

I was going to rattled on but a new follower has very sweetly begun following my blog. Yippy! My phone is still holding me back from ‘Likes’ and follow buttons and being so exhausted I can’t get his blog page right so you can check it out. At any rate his is an wake up call. I shouldn’t be complaining whem so many are seriously doing worst. Yes I am homeless but I do have this truck shielding me from the elements and harm to a certain extend.

Wake up calls are good and I know it but why can’t I snap out of this fear of driving? It circles over my head by day creeps into my nights invading my dreams and at the same time I hear my grandbaby’s voice through the phone and I miss her so. So all I think about is this will pass once I accept this situation. Embrace my fear but I cannot. Oh I try I laugh at my partners jokes, they really are funny you know. He’s a good man good company. But with trucking comes sleep deprivation and when I’m exhausted I can’t keep all the good juices flowing. Words from what little I know from the Bible. Today its ‘ as I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil’. Think I need a more uplifting word from The Book.

Worst part is winter won’t be offical for another week or so. A tent maybe I should buy one….humm…thinking out loud. Skating on thin ice is not in my nature anymire than downing a bottle of tequila.